Aloe Vera Plant

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  • Stylish and low-maintenance
  • Spiked leaves with skin-soothing properties
  • Petite in size; the perfect gift
  • Delivered in a signature FLOWERBX pot
  • Complimentary delivery on your chosen date

The FLOWERBX Aloe Vera plant from our Wellness Plant Collection is a stylish and low maintenance houseplant, known for its spiky leaves and skin-soothing properties.

The gel found inside its leaves holds important skin-soothing properties known to cool burns and irritated skin.


Plant and pot: H: 45cm approx.

Pot Size: W. (top) 17cm. H. 15cm


Aloe vera houseplants need light watering, as the leaves are known to hold water.

Draining is important for the Aloe as overwatering can cause the leaves to yellow. Water deeply but sparingly and allow the top 1-2 inches of soil to dry completely before rewatering.

Aloe vera plants thrive in an environment with bright lighting and dislike shade, but are best kept away from direct sun.

Your plant does not need to be kept in humid conditions and tolerates dry air well, but best to keep away from drafts and air conditioning if possible.