Christmas Red Poinsettia Plant


  • A festive favourite
  • Easy care and long-lasting
  • Makes the perfect gift for the Holidays
  • Delivered in a signature FLOWERBX pot
  • Complimentary delivery on your chosen date

Widely used in Christmas displays, the poinsettia flower, also known as the 'Mexican Flame Tree' or 'Christmas Star' is a vibrant houseplant and the ultimate decoration for the festive season. As well as being easy to care for, they are also long-lasting for up to two weeks, making them ideal in the home or as a gift to a loved one.


Poinsettia enjoys a warmer climate and perform best in temperatures above 12 degrees C and in a sheltered but light space.

Avoid any sort of draught - doorways, fireplaces, and breezy hallways.

Poinsettia should also not be overwatered, otherwise will cause damage to the roots and yellowing leaves. Water when the topsoil is noticeably dry. However better to keep drier than too moist.