Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees
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When can I have my Christmas Tree delivered?

You can have your Christmas tree delivered to suit your schedule and festive plans. Order online from our range of fresh Nordmann Fir Christmas trees, home-grown in Surrey. We make it simple to shop our Christmas collection online for delivery in time for the season's festivities. Place your order by 23rd December before 1pm to receive in time for Christmas Day. We are offering complimentary standard delivery on our Traditional Fir Christmas Trees on Saturday 3rd December, Sunday 4th December, Saturday 10th December and Sunday 11th December. Want something extra? Explore our collection of Wreaths, Garlands and Centrepieces.

How do I care for my Christmas Tree?

To care for you fresh-cut Nordmann Fir Tree:
Keep your indoor tree in a cool area of the home (i.e near a window or door) and away from direct heat sources.
Water your cut tree with at least 500ml of clean water everyday to keep it looking plump and full.
A dehydrated tree will start to droop and wilt very quickly, so moisture is essential.
A larger real Christmas tree can drink 1 to 2 litres a day depending on its size and room temperature.

Send Festive Joy With Flowerbx

Share season's greetings with a FLOWERBX real Christmas tree. Grown in the UK, our real Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Trees are delivered from their farm in Surrey. Order from our selection of festive accessories, delivered straight to your door in time for the holidays. Want to make it extra-special? Explore the rest of our Christmas Collection including seasonal flowers, vases, room sprays and gifts. Order by the 23rd December before 1pm for guaranteed delivery before the big day.

How do I choose a good Christmas tree?

You can choose a good Christmas tree by considering the size of your space and the mood you want to create. If you have a small space, you could opt for one of our Mini Potted Christmas Trees, perfect for flat dwellers that want to bring a touch of festivity to their home. Our cut Nordmann Fir trees come in three versitile sizes, with something to suit every home. Home-grown in the UK, we offer doorstep delivery to all London postcodes.

How tall should a Christmas tree be in a room?

When choosing how tall your live Christmas tree should be in a room, there are some tips to create the perfect look. The perfect Christmas tree height will be different in every space. Your Christmas tree should not touch the ceiling, and should have at least 6 inches between the two, including a topper or stand that adds height. You should put your Christmas tree in a room in your house that allows it to be admired, away from drafts and heat sources.

Do real Christmas trees need water?

Yes, real Christmas trees do need water. A Christmas tree can only go as long as one day without being watered if you want it to remain plump and hydrated. If you don't cut the bottom of your Christmas tree, it will be unable to absorb as much water, causing it to droop and wilt quickly. You should water your Christmas tree a minimum of 500ml of water a day.

When should I buy a Christmas tree?

When it comes to buying a real Christmas tree, the first weekend in December is the most popular date to install their tree. It doesn't matter when you buy yours, and you can get one earlier or later in the season. At FLOWERBX you can plan ahead and pre-order your cut, eco-friendly Christmas tree to arrive on your chosen date. Our Christmas trees are grown in a sustainable way in Surrey, and can be sent to London postcodes. We are offering complimentary standard delivery on our Traditional Fir Christmas Trees on Saturday 3rd December, Sunday 4th December, Saturday 10th December and Sunday 11th December.

Should the tree skirt be wider than the tree?

Your tree skirt should be wider than the tree. As a rule, your tree skirt should extend around 4-6” past your trees widest bottom branches, in order for it to be visable, even when covered in gifts! Our tree skirts are beautifully designed and handmade in the UK from high-quality Italian velvet and a lustrous silk trim, making sure your tree is the best dressed in town.

What order do you decorate a Christmas tree?

When decorating a Christmas tree, there is no set order to decide what decorations go on first. However, here are some ideas of how to put up a Christmas tree:
1. Cut the trunk of your Christmas tree and place it in your Tree Stand or Christmas tree basket.
2. Add your FLOWERBX Velvet Tree Skirt.
3. Fluff the branches and add lights.
4. Place your tree topper. This could be a star, an angel, or something else!
5. Hang your most showstopping baubles first and be sure to spread them out.
6. Add in your smaller ornaments next.
7. Step back to make sure your tree looks curated and balanced.

How long will a real Christmas tree last?

A freshly-cut Christmas tree will last for four to five weeks inside the home, when cared for correctly. If you put your tree up on the first weekend of December, this should allow enough time to keep your tree until the new year. To make sure your tree lasts this time, be sure to water daily with a minimum of 500ml of clean water, and keep your tree positioned away from heat sources and drafts.