Co-founder and Chief Officer of Moda Operandi, Lauren Santo Domingo, invites us into her impressive Southampton manse for our latest Dining With series, a place where childhood memories, history and dynamic interior tastes collide. With a vast backyard stretching to a plane-tree allée that takes you to the pool, enchanting walled gardens and a romantic wysteria pergola, this place is perfect backdrop for a summertime soireé. And so, we find out what exactly makes Domingo's boxes tick when it comes to the fine dining experience, from the flower of choice (of course) to the greatest recreated recipes.


Dress up or dress down?

Dress Up!

Cocktail hour means?

Trying to count heads to see if everyone has arrived for dinner.

On my playlist?

I have a go-to playlist on Spotify, shuffle & repeat.

My dinner table is never without?

Something old, something new, something embroidered, something blue.

“Something old, something new.”

Favourite dinner party flowers?

Anything local & seasonal.

What’s for dinner?

Caviar on Latkes to start or a cold gazpacho depending on the weather, pork tenderloin sous vide with a sauce, fresh salad with peppers from the garden and a celery mashed potato.

Home-cooked or catered?

Depends on the size: over 14, I would cater.

Best kept party secret?

People like to be told where to sit.

Greatest recipe ever copied off a restaurant menu?

My husband can recreate an In & Out cheeseburger. I can do the haricot vert & foie gras from Hotel Costes.

“The night begins after dinner."

Truth or dare?

Truth. I’m an over sharer, so I would easily win.

What’s for pudding?

We eat ‘dessert’ here. Pudding is something Americans serve in retirement homes and federal prisons.

Herbal tea or nightcap after dinner?

Oh, the night begins after dinner.





We are pleased to launch our “Dining With” editorial at the peak of the holiday entertaining season with hostess extraordinaire, Alice Naylor-Leyland in conjunction with the launch of her boxed table sets which make her magical tablescapes easy to order for your own holiday entertaining.




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