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As 2022 draws to a close, we join FLOWERBX founder and CEO, Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, to hear how she'll be ringing in the new year in style. Expect good food, great friends, and – of course – plenty of flowers.


You're planning an end-of-year dinner party - what's the vibe?


This New Year's Eve, it's all about warmth and feeling at home. Of course, throughout the year there are plenty of other types of parties we throw too, where you mix up friend groups and get to see different sides of people, but that’s not what this particular feast is for.



Who's on the guestlist?


First and foremost, my husband and three children, plus a great group of friends that feel more like family. Over the years, our extended gang has grown to include partners and children – plus, whippets! – so, it really just has to be my favourite people and the ones they love the most.



And what about the food?


When it comes to entertaining, I like to keep the food simple and elegant. To start, my go-to is chilled crudités and guacamole; being from Texas, I like mine wicked and spicy! For an occasion like New Year's Eve, where I'd rather be amongst the celebrations than in the kitchen, I'll call upon my friend Ruth Rogers of the River Café to help out!


Your dream New Year's Eve menu?


A dish that's made to be shared, loved, and devoured, like spaghetti tossed in tomato sauce with antipasti misti. For pudding, I'd opt for a beautiful lemon tart, so it’s not so virtuous!



Your tipple of choice to serve throughout the night?


Of course, I'll have to serve pink Champagne to start. Then move on to Valpolicella or vodka tonics for those who prefer. When the countdown starts and the clock strikes midnight, it's back to the Champagne to toast to a happy and healthy new year.



What's on the table?


On a night like this, the table is SO important, and it's the curated details that set the mood for the evening ahead. This New Year's Eve, something to cleanse the palette post-Christmas is the theme for the night. I'll be teaming flowers with pale pink taper candles, floral pink linen, hand-written menus, and glistening silverware to welcome 2023 in style.



The flowers that guarantee a good night had by all?


This year, think fresh pink avalanche roses, dotted between vases of coordinating bouvardia and astilbe. I'll be aiming for a light and airy feeling after weeks of the rich tones enjoyed during the festivities. For me, flowers should feel like an extension of the evening, and never an obstruction during the dining experience. With this in mind, I'll be keeping flowers low-level and easy to rearrange as and when needed, especially when sharing plates arrive at the table or top-ups are required!



Finally, your secret to the perfect New Year's Eve party?


There has to be a bit of Beyoncé and dancing before the clock chimes twelve, plus one too many bottles of bubbles for the table! Then once 2023 arrives, everyone goes home at a not-insane hour so we're feeling ready to start the new year the next day!



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