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25 Stems in a Royal Windsor Vase 3 Colours
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Daffodil Vase Set

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Sunkissed Freesia 6 Colours
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Saltarello Apricot Long-Stem Deluxe Lily 6 Colours
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20 Stems in a Medium Apothecary Vase 8 Colours
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Sunny Side Up Calla Lily 6 Colours
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Butterscotch Spray Rose 3 Colours
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Starlight Lisianthus 10 Colours
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Canary Chrysanthemum 8 Colours
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What are the traditional flowers for Easter?

Traditionally, lilies are sent for Easter — especially the Easter Lily, which symbolizes purity, new beginnings, and hope. Daffodils, a classic springtime flower, also represent rebirth and new beginnings. Narcissus bloom during this spring period as well, and represent forgiveness and reflection. Yellow and white flowers are also traditional for Easter, with yellow flowers representing hope and white flowers representing purity and holiness.

What are the most popular flowers to give as gifts at Easter?

Any yellow or white flowers make a great gift, but to gift the most popular flowers of the Easter season, try Lilies, Tulips or Daffodils.

What are the flower colours for Easter?

The most popular colour of flowers to send during Easter are yellow and white, but Red and Purple flowers also have meaning within the Easter story.