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40 Stem in a Royal Windsor Vase 12 Colours
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Cerise Anemone 6 Colours
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Siren Pink Double Tulip-Lover Flowers Gift Set

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20 Stems in a Royal Windsor Vase 8 Colours
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Violet Dusk Anemone 6 Colours
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Should you give flowers when someone gets engaged?

Yes! Giving flowers when someone gets engaged is a gesture to signify heartfelt congratulations and help you join them in celebrating their love.

What flowers do you give for engagement?

When celebrating an engagement, it is popular to choose flower bouquets that represent love and romance. This includes roses and tulips, as well as flowers that are known to signify opulence like orchid plants and stems.

What colour should engagement flowers be?

Traditionally, engagement flowers are found in a palette that is synonymous with romance, like sweet pinks, bright corals, and rich reds. However, you can choose whatever colour flowers you like when sending engagement flowers - from monochrome shades to bright delights - as they should encompass the couple's favourite colours and individual tastes.

What should I write in a 'congratulations on your engagement' card?

When putting together a message of congratulations in an engagement card, the tone should be thoughtful and full of meaning. Phrases like the below act as good prompts to get you started:
We're so happy for you!
Congratulations on your wonderful news.
We wish you so much joy for your next chapter.
Can't wait for the wedding!