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There is no sexier, chicer or more romantic pick for our February FLOWERBMB than French-born, New York based Art Director, Model, Mother, Muse, and genuine, bonafide BOMB - Julia Restoin Roitfeld. While she was born into fashion royalty, she has forged her own path on both sides of the lens for all major fashion magazines and high-end luxury brands. Julia launched her own website, Romy and the Bunnies, in 2012 where expectant mothers can find inspiring stories with an eye toward style, beauty, and joy.
Here Julia opens up, in her quintessentially seductive French way, on her favourite flowers, and the vital role that flowers play in her beautiful life.
“As for colour in flowers, I love white, or light pink ... or red if from an admirer!”

What are your favourite flowers and why? White or colour? And what color?

The scent is very important in my choice of flowers. Sadly in NY, the flower quality is not the same as in Europe and flowers barely have scent anymore (except for lilies). So I love to buy myself some white lilies. I also love roses, peonies, and lily of the valley for the first of May. It’s a tradition in France to give lily of the valley to one’s loved ones on the first of May). As for colour in flowers, I love white, or light pink ... or red if from an admirer! I have also started to love plants. Living in a big city like New York, it is so important to have green at home. I bought a fiddle tree at the flower market.

Do these flowers have significance in your life story, a moment from your past, a favourite of your mother’s or given to you by a partner?

Peonies are my mothers and my grandmothers favourite flowers, and mine too. They are also hard to find in New York. You only find them from the end of Spring through the beginning of Fall, so it feels extra special. Same with lily of the valley which are VERY hard to find in the US. I am lucky to have a florist who gets them for May 1st!

“There is nothing like flowers to make an apartment feel like home.”

What are your favourite vase styles/shapes?

For lilies I love very tall vases, straight, in clear glass. I also like white ceramic vases. I have a huge one where I put my cheeseplant leaves which makes it look like a plant.

What are your tips for arranging flowers for a dinner party? Or for your house for any occasion?

I am so bad at it! But I always try to add a few big green leaves to give it some density. I don’t like small vases and arrangements, I like big bulky ones! However, I did the flower arrangements for Romy’s 3rd birthday. They were very small and delicate, and I was quite good at it! I used very tiny clear vases and wrapped the neck with some raffia strings, and mixed pink peonies with purple lilac, and I was VERY proud of myself.

“I have also started to love plants. Living in a big city like New York, it is so important to have green at home.”

How does your flower choice reflect your personal style? And your interior style?

It is minimal and clean but very feminine!

What are the most beautiful or significant flowers that you’ve ever been given?

100 red roses from an admirer for my birthday, and 100 white roses from another.

How does having flowers in your home change the atmosphere? How does being surrounded by flowers make you feel?

There is nothing like flowers to make an apartment feel like home.

What flowers do you most like to give and why?

I always get what I would like to receive, and keep it quite monochrome: white roses or peonies, or soft pink roses and peonies.

What flowers would you most like to be given and why?

Red roses. The symbol of love.




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