Known for her career as a global model and DJ, there is no denying that Zara Martin has well-documented style credentials. As the ultimate tastemaker - from what she wears to sneak peeks of her interiors - we spoke to her about her life in florals, and so much more. Expect her dinner party essentials, dream Valentine's tips, and where in London has her heart. Plus, discover the flowers that feature along the way.

White or coloured flowers?

Ugh,this is such a hard question. I’m quite monochrome in how I dress but when it comes to flowers - I need COLOUR.

Dream Valentine’s bouquet?

For Valentine's Day, how can it not be an outrageously large bouquet of red roses?! In a vase, please!

Craziest thing you have done for love?

Given up sleep for a couple years now. RE: my son!

Tell us about the first flowers you ever received, and how they made you feel?

I don’t remember what they were, but I’m pretty sure they were roses as they were from a boy (!) - but I just remember feeling very happy and special. I still do when I receive flowers now. It’s a beautiful and timeless gesture, and also just good manners.

"For Valentine's Day, how can it not be an outrageously large bouquet of red roses?! In a vase, please!"

Is there a significant flower that has played an important role in any of life’s milestone moments?


What are your top tips for hosting a dinner party or special occasion?

Always have more candles, flowers and alcohol than you think you would need.

Who would you invite to your own dream dinner party?

I’m really toying with the guest list here but honestly I just want to have some drinks with Lisa Rinna & Erika Jayne right now…

Is there an area in your home where you always have flowers?

Always down the centre of my dining table, and in the living room.

Do you have a favourite style of vase?

When it comes to vases, it's the bigger the better for me. I love the ceramic urns, but I'm also a big fan of classic crystal Baccarat styles, too.

Describe your interior style?

i don’t know if it theres a term for it! A mish-mash, perhaps?

Who inspires you in art, design, fashion or music?

I was endlessly inspired by Virgil. He really showed us that true creativity is transferable and that there are no such things as boundaries, in life or to your own success.

Do you have a favourite piece of art? If so, what is it?

L'escarpolette - meaning The Swing - by Jean-Honoré Fragonard was the first piece of art I ever remember being drawn to, seeing it hanging at The Wallace collection so many years ago. The woman on the swing is flirting with her lover who is sitting below her. There’s something so beautiful about it. I’ve clearly always been a hopeless romantic!"

Which designers are you wearing right now?

Alessandra Rich and Versace.

Where is your perfect escape?

Portofino. I’m also dying to do the Orient Express to Venice. Now, THAT would be the perfect Valentine’s!

What is your favourite London hotspot?

If I want to have a little dance, it’s Loulou’s or Maison Estelle.

What is your favourite city?

I don’t think I could live anywhere but London.

How do you begin your day?


“I’m quite monochrome in how I dress but when it comes to flowers - I need COLOUR.”

How do you end your day?

In bed with my laptop, tragically.

Kitchen flowers?


Bedroom flowers?


Bathroom flowers?


Flowers for your best friend?


Romantic flowers?




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