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Are amaryllis and Christmas lilies the same?

Amaryllis and Christmas lilies are the same flower. Grown from very large bulbs and native to Australia, they bloom naturally just in time for the Holidays.

Is amaryllis in season?

Yes, amaryllis is in season! Amaryllis flowers are native to Australia, and their bulbs are harvested in late summer. You should look out for them from late autumn to early January, just in time for Christmas.

How to care for your cut amaryllis flowers and Christmas lilies

To enjoy your amaryllis flowers for longer, follow the simple steps below:
• Remove any foliage that would be below the waterline to avoid contaminating the water
• Re-cut the stems at a 45° angle to encourage maximum water absorption
• Place the stems in a clean vase with freshly-drawn, lukewarm water as soon as possible
• Ensure your flowers are positioned out of direct sunlight, away from drafts or heating and avoid extreme temperatures
The longer you have your amaryllis, the more you may notice their stems splitting at the bottom. Regularly re-cut your stems, and change their water every 2-3 days to prolong vase life.
Add FLOWERBX flower food to help them thrive.

When is amaryllis in season?

Amaryllis flowers from October to late winter months. Native to Australia, amaryllis - or Christmas lilies - are grown from extra-large bulbs, and are first harvested in late summer. This way, they are ready to flower and adorn your home when you buy them in time for the Holidays.

What do amaryllis and Christmas lilies symbolise?

Amaryllis and Christmas lilies symbolise pride, determination, and strength. They are synonymous with the winter and festive season, with towering stems that make a statement. In Greek, amaryllis translates as ‘to sparkle’, which feels fitting for the season.
Different shades of amaryllis and Christmas lilies hold their own meanings, which is useful to know if you are thinking of sending them as a gift this season:
Purple amaryllis represent royalty and spirituality
Red amaryllis symbolise love and passion
Orange amaryllis are sent to show happiness, good health, and positivity
Yellow amaryllis showcase good luck and prosperity
Pink amaryllis symbolise friendship, as well as true love
White amaryllis represent purity and innocence

How long do amaryllis flowers last?

Amaryllis flowers last for approximately two to three weeks. Individually, each spike on the plant will grow between three and six flowers, opening over time to see the entire flowering period last up to eight weeks. Once cut, amaryllis can last an impressive three weeks in a vase when cared for correctly. Not only does cutting amaryllis make a beautiful arrangement, but cutting your flowers will also encourage your plant to bloom again next year.

What is a Christmas lily?

The Christmas lily - also known as the amaryllis - is a striking variety associated with the festive period and is native to Australia. On a plant, individual Christmas lilies last approximately three weeks, with their full flowering period lasting up to eight. They can continue to thrive for around three weeks in a vase, boasting an impressive vase life that makes them a classic flower to use in Holiday arrangements.