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Fern Foliage
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Forest Green Italian Ruscus in a Large Mayfair Onyx Vase
Emerald Hard Ruscus Foliage in a Medium Mayfair Onyx Vase
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Bells of Ireland
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Green Cheeseplant Leaf Foliage
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How long does cut foliage last?

As a rule, freshly cut foliage will last around two weeks indoors. Always remember to remove leaves that will sit below the water line, and cut the base of your branches at a 45-degree angle on arrival.

Is foliage easy to care for?

Foliage is easy to care for, and there are a few tips for keeping your cut foliage looking at its best for even longer. These include keeping it out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources and drafts, and misting your foliage and branches daily.

Is foliage cheaper than flowers?

Foliage can often be a more cost-effective option to flowers, depending on your choice of stems and branches, their seasonality, and the number of stems you require. Using foliage can be a great way to create texture, height, and even colour as an alternative to floral stems.

What is foliage used for?

Foliage is used as an alternative to floral displays - in particular, scented and textural varieties like eucalyptus, fern, and ilex branches. Foliage can bring beauty to your home throughout the seasons, with choices that suit the mood from spring to winter. Foliage is also perfect for table settings, wreaths, garlands, and large-scale arrangements.