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Peony season is upon us, and what a season of extraordinary beauty it is. Filled with an effervescent romance that never goes out of style, it is simple to see why peonies are utterly adored. But how best to arrange this early summer show-stopper at your next floral-filled dinner party? FLOWERBX founder, Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, is on hand with two of her favourite seasonal combinations to help inspire your next tablescape.

Choose a peony for every moment

The question I get asked the most is "when are peonies in season?" - and the answer is, during a limited time frame from May to mid-June. Their season is unfortunately short, but indisputably sweet, making my number one tip to cherish every chance to set the table with them. Outdoor dinners, casual gatherings, or simple breakfasts on slow weekends; bring joy to every occasion!

Cotton Candy Table Set

Do you dream in sweetly scented delight? Us too. The Cotton Candy Table Set captures this moment with flowers in mind, adorned with the softest, most delicate candied shades that have us living out all of our floral fantasies. Stems upon stems of fluffy, cloud-like peonies are layered in our dainty Bailey Bud vases, in a palette that spans Angel Cheeks to Powder Pink, with a pop of our brighter Carnival variety, too. Add a final dose of joy with a selection of our Ester + Erik taper candles in a pale pink shade, perfectly housed in silver candle holders.


"Peonies are THE flower of the spring/summer season; it is impossible to imagine this time of year without them. When it comes to styling mine, simplicity really is key. Choose your peony palette - whether that be sweet tonal choices or bolder brights - and let them take the lead. With an abundance of beautiful peonies on the table, you will truly need little else"

 Whitney Bromberg Hawkings

Flowerberry Table Set

Fresh, juicy, and perfectly ripe; The Flowerberry Table Set epitomises modern romance. Featuring a delectable display of peony brights, our Framboise, Flamingo, and Lil Darling varieties make the most delicious of floral trios. Paired with pale pink taper candles, the finest silverware, and a selection of our signature FLOWERBX vases, experience lusciously-styled flowers at their gloriously glossy best.

Perfect your peony planning

One of the best things about peonies is their evolution; arriving as tight buds, and unfolding over the coming days to reveal untold beauty. When it comes to timing your peonies for a particular event, you want them to look at their most bountiful. Typically, peonies will go from bud to bloom in four to six days. However, there are a couple of insider tips to hurry them along. Place your peonies in a sunny spot, and splash their heads with a little fresh water to spark them into life.

Minimal stems, maximum beauty.

Another reason I adore peonies is their value per stem. At FLOWERBX, our varieties boast larger flower heads than most; Framboise, Carnival, and Primrose in particular. With more floral joy on every stem, you will need fewer than you think to create an impactful display. Simply add them to Bailey Bud vases, and accessorise with taper candles and table linens.

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