Double Tulips

Double Tulips
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What are double tulips?

Double tulips are a popular variety of tulip. Ordinarily, traditional tulips have 6 large petals, with double tulips boasting extra layers of petals for a fuller, more bountiful appearance. Sometimes refered to as peony tulips, it's the full and ruffled layers of petals that draw similarity between the two flowers.

How long do cut double tulips last?

Cut double tulips can last between 5-7 days in a vase with the right care.
1. Always refresh your vase with clean, cold water.
2. Keep your room temperature cool.
3. Place your double tulips away from heat sources, sunlight, and drafts.

How do you prepare double tulips for vases?

Preparing your double tulips for a vase correctly can help to prolong their vase life.
1. Re-cut your stems about 2 - 3cm from the bottom at a 45° angle to encourage water absorption.
2. Remove all foliage below the waterline.
3. Fill your vase with cool, clean water and refresh daily. Top up with FLOWERBX Flower Food.

How long can cut double tulips stay out of water?

To take care of a double tulip, you should make sure that they are always in water. Double tulips can only stay out of water for a few hours before they begin to wilt. To prolong life when not in a vase, you can wrap your double tulip stems in a wet cloth or paper towel, or attach water sources to the end of the stems.

How do you keep cut double tulips from drooping?

Follow the below steps to keep your cut double tulips from drooping:
- Keep your stems in cool, fresh water.
- Always remove foliage below the water line.
- Snip your stems at a 45-degree angle to aid water absorption.
- Top up with clean, cool water and flower food.
- Choose a vase style at least half as tall as your stems.
- Avoid heat sources, drafts, and extreme temperatures.
- Add a penny to your vase - the copper helps keep their stems straight!

What kind of vase do you use for double tulips?

Define the vase you will use for your double tulips by first deciding upon their length.Your double tulip stems will need to be supported, so their vase should be at least half as tall as your tulip stems. For taller stems, we would recommend our Royal Windsor Vase or Tall Wickstead Vase, while shorter stems would be well suited to our Wickstead Pot.

What colours do double tulips come in

Double tulips are available in a wide range of beautifully bright and jewel-toned shades. The most popular shade of double tulip is pink, baring similarities to the well-loved spring peony flower.

What do double tulips symbolise

Overall, double tulips symbolise love in its purest and deepest form. Different tulip colours hold their own meaning, which is particularly important when choosing a gift.
White tulips show forgiveness and respect, highlighting innocence and purity.
Yellow tulips sybolise happiness, cheer, and brighter days ahead - due to their association with spring and Easter.
Red tulips mean love and romance.
Pink tulips symbolise friendship, care and good wishes.
Purple tulips symbolise regality, royalty, and rebirth