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25 Stems in a Royal Windsor Vase - Please note vase is not included 3 Colours
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25 Stems in a Royal Windsor Vase 6 Colours
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How long do cut dutch tulips last?

Cut dutch tulips continue to open throughout their vase life, which usually lasts around 5 days. There are some ways you can try and keep your tulips looking beautiful for longer, including keeping your vase topped up with clean, cold water, maintaining a cool room temperature, and placing your tulips out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

How do you prepare dutch tulips for vases?

You can prepare your dutch tulips for their vase by following the steps listed below:
1. Unwrap your flowers and re-cut the stems using a pair of FLOWERBX Floral Scissors, about 2 - 3cm from the bottom at a 45° angle. This encourages water absorption and maximises vase life.
2. Remove excess foliage, the outer leaves and anything else that would sit below the waterline, as this will otherwise create debris build-up in your vase.
3. Next, fill your vase with lukewarm clean water, making sure to refresh it daily, or whenever the water turns murky. Top up with FLOWERBX Flower Food.

How long can cut dutch tulips stay out of water?

Dutch tulips will only last out of water for a few hours, and it is important to keep stems damp during this time. You can do so by wrapping your dutch tulip stems in a wet cloth or paper towel, or by attaching individual water sources to the end of each stem.

How do you keep cut dutch tulips from drooping?

Some great tips will help you keep your dutch tulips standing up, keep them from drooping, and help with their overall care. These include keeping your stems in water at all times, removing all foliage below the water line, keeping your tulip stems freshly cut at a 45-degree angle, refreshing with cold water and flower food, avoiding heat sources, drafts, and extreme temperatures and adding a penny to your vase - as the copper helps keep their stems straight.

What kind of vase do you use for dutch tulips?

The kind of vase you use for your dutch tulips depends on the length of your stems at any point of their vase life. Your dutch tulip stems will need to be supported, so their vase should be at least half as tall as your tulip stems. We would recommend our Royal Windsor Vase, Tall Wickstead Vase, or Wickstead Pot to perfectly showcase your flowers.

What colours do dutch tulips come in?

Dutch tulips are renowned for being available in a range of colourful shades, from yellow and purple to white and red. However, the most common shade of a dutch tulip is a red-pink.

What do dutch tulips symbolise

Overall, dutch tulips symbolise deep and pure love. Red dutch tulips symbolise romance, pink tulips show happiness, good wishes and care, while white tulips are synonymous with forgiveness, respect, innocence and purity. Purple tulips showcase regality and rebirth, while yellow tulips celebrate the spring season, symbolising cheer and brightness.