Four Seasons Wreath

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  • A timeless addition to your home
  • Hand-crafted from preserved ruscus
  • Made for all seasons
  • Add your choice of luxury velvet bow
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

A year-round styling staple


- A timeless addition to your home
- Hand-crafted from preserved ruscus
- Made for all seasons
- Add your choice of luxury velvet ribbon

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When storing away, ensure that your wreath is completely dry, to avoid risk of mould.
After use, gently wrap the wreath in protective tissue paper, being cautious of its delicacy.
Hang onto your original delivery box, as this is ideal for storage. Otherwise, keep your wreath in a similar sturdy alternative.
Always store your Four Seasons Wreath in a cool, dry place.
Wreaths are best hung by the small hook located at the back of the wreath. This can be attached to a door knocker with a ribbon or easily hooked onto a nail.
All wreaths are natural products which should be expected to dry within 2 weeks.


Wreath Diameter - 45cm


Our Four Seasons Wreath, with complimentary gift wrapping, is the ultimate way to bring a timeless touch of nature inside your home.


• As this is a dried product, no watering is required

• If displaying indoors, wreath is best kept in a cool and dry climate away from direct sunlight as this can deteriorate and discolour leaves

• If displaying outside, keep under a covered location to protect from outdoor conditions. Due to the delicate nature of the dried ruscus, please also keep wreath out of any extreme or harsh weather conditions

• Do not let your wreath get excessively wet for long periods of time as this can also lead to deterioration

• This wreath is not to be hung outside all year round and is best in the spring months when the temperature is mild and dry

• With proper maintenance and good conditions your wreath can last for longer both in and outside the home

*Please note, due to the preserving of the ruscus, there may be a strong scent when you first receive your wreath. Simply let it air outside for a few hours and the odour will soon start to fade.

Storage Care:

For indoor use, please follow storage tips to care for your Spring Wreath and enjoy for future spring seasons. If kept outside, please follow storage tips, but please note that outdoor conditions can vary and compromise the longevity of the wreath.

• Ensure the wreath is completely dry (If it is not completely dry there is a risk of mould and your wreath will not be good to re use)

• Gently wrap the wreath in tissue paper

• Return wreath to the delivery box if possible or a suitable storage box

• Keep in a cool dry place, if the temperate is too warm the dried leaves may deteriorate