Ivy Plant

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  • A well-being wonder
  • Purifies airborne dust
  • Petite in size; the perfect gift
  • Delivered in a signature FLOWERBX pot
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

The FLOWERBX Ivy plant from our Wellness Plant Collection is a beloved and original houseplant, known for its beautiful and intricate leaves. English ivy is known to purify airborne dust and mold particles which can trigger allergies, and is a good addition to the bedroom for those with asthma or difficulty breathing.

Our Ivy plant is easy to care for, making it easier than ever to enjoy a plant in your home. English ivy is poisonous, and best kept out of reach from children and pets.


Plant and pot: H: 25-30cm approx.

Pot Size: W: 35cm H: 32cm.


Ivy houseplants require an evenly moist and relatively humid environment, consistent temperature, and occasional pruning. They thrive in an environment of bright filtered to low light, as excessive heat can lead to drying. The most important part of Ivy care is light, Ivy will love bright light. Ivies also prefer to be kept slightly on the dry side so let the top 1 or 2 inches dry before you water the Ivy again. Drainage is important for the Ivy as Ivy doesn't like to be standing in water or overly wet soil.