In celebration of International Women’s Day, we have asked our eight most inspirational floral friends to share their most important life lessons with us.

Born in Peru and raised in Chile, Isabel Allende is the author of twenty-four bestselling and critically acclaimed books, including The House of the Spirits, Daughter of Fortune and her most recent A Long Petal of the Sea.

A Chilean immigrant herself, Allende devotes much of her time to human rights causes and in 1996 founded the Isabel Allende Foundation which operates under the premise that the things we most want in life – a sense of purpose, happiness and hope – are most easily attained by giving them to others. As such, who better to share her thoughts on women supporting women than this literary legend.
Monica Vinader

Isabel Allende

What would you tell your younger self now?

Calm down, no need to rush, life is long enough.

Your personal mantra:

What is the most generous thing to do in this case? You only have what you give.

What has been your most pivotal career moment?

When my first novel, The House of the Spirits was published in Spain in l982. That book changed my life, paved the way for all the other books I have written and gave me a voice.

What would you like your leadership legacy to be?

I don’t believe in legacy. That’s a male concept, a penis obsession. Men want to leave their mark in the world, to transcend, to control their image (and sometimes their wealth) from the tomb. We women know that nothing lasts and we can only hope to be remembered by our children and maybe by some of our grandchildren.

Key to success:


Most inspiring woman:

Olga Murray, Founder of Nepal Youth Foundation

“...remember that you are probably the smartest person in the conference room.”
Isabel Allende

Advice for women starting their careers?

Remember that you will have to do double the effort to get half the recognition and respect that any man gets. Make allies of other women in the workplace, don’t sleep with colleagues, it’s messy, and remember that you are probably the smartest person in the conference room.

An inspiring book you would give to another woman:

The seven necessary sins for women and girls (by Mona Eltahawy)

Three qualities you look for in people you hire:

Intelligence, even temper, honesty

Mothering style:

Mild neglect

Your favourite flower:

Rosa Brandy (hybrid tea rose, apricot colour)

If you were a flower, what would you be, and why?

A thistle flower because it feeds bees, butterflies and other insects, it can be used for medicinal poultices and concoctions, and it is also beautiful in a self effacing sort of way.

You sign off correspondence with:

My first name and a flower.

In a bid to support women across the UK who are struggling to find a job or losing hope for the future, we're donating £5 from every bunch of yellow flowers we sell to the Prince's Trust #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign in the lead-up to International Women's Day (February 16th - March 8th), because no woman should feel left out. They will receive vital help and support to re-build lost confidence and move forward into employment, further education or to become self-employed, working with a mentor for a fresh start and a much brighter future. The Prince's Trust (registered charity England and Wales 1079675 and Scotland SC041198).




Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy is the founder & creative director of her eponymous brand whilst moonlighting as a tireless activist for innovation, gender equality, under-privileged children, and women’s rights; as such, there is no one better to celebrate as one of our notable women on International Women’s Day.



Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is the founder and Creative Director of celebrated international jewellery brand, Monica Vinader, and long-time floral friend of FLOWERBX. We are pleased to hear Monica’s thoughts on building her business along with the challenges she has met along the way.