Lavender Plant

  • Striking brush-effect leaves
  • Pet-friendly
  • Adaptable to medium light
  • Delivered in a signature FLOWERBX pot
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

The FLOWERBX Lavender plant from our Wellness Plant Collection is a fragrant houseplant with dark purple flower spikes which contrast beautifully with its foliage. Its relaxing and delightful aroma recall the rich and fragrant lavender fields of Provence, and is known for its stress-relieving mental health benefits.

Because of its Mediterranean origin, lavender loves hot sun and dry soil, and thrives when positioned near a sunny window.

Our Lavender plant is a low maintenance outdoor plant requiring minimal watering and pruning, making it easier than ever to enjoy a plant in your home.


Plant and pot: H: 40cm approx.

Pot Size: W. (top) 22cm. H. 20cm


To ensure your lavender doesn't dry, avoid overwatering, too much shade, and high humidity levels. In the summer months, clip dried blooms to encourage repeat blooming. Lavender grows best in full sunlight, and they will love the heat. Water sparingly when the top soil is dried completely. Do not wait however until the plant is wilting.