• Bright flowered branches
  • Dry your Mimosa to enjoy their beauty for longer
  • Symbolises strength
  • The flower of International Women’s Day
  • Hand-wrapped in London
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

The Acacia, more commonly known as the Mimosa, is a magnificent, yellow, fluttery springtime branch that is made up of hundreds of tiny flowers. Available for a few months in the early Spring, the mimosa flower is traditionally given to celebrate International Women’s Day, with the strong, beautiful branches representing the simultaneous strength and delicacy of women.
Please note that the stem quantities listed are approximate and may vary due to the mimosa being a natural product. Mimosa stems are abundant by nature.

Given their delicate nature, our luxury mimosa stems have a vase life of around 3-4 days. However, you can give your mimosa a new lease of life by artfully drying each branch. To air dry your mimosa, simply hang the branches in a cool, dry environment.

Join us this International Women's Day as we celebrate solidarity, sisterhood, and the incredible acts of determination carried out by extraordinary women around the world.
Celebrated annually on 8th March, gift a bunch from our limited collection of yellow flowers – from symbolic mimosa to bestselling roses, tulips, and more. Bright, bold, and beautiful, just like the courageous women in your life. In partnership with The Prince's Trust, shop the collection today and we'll donate £5 on your behalf to the Women Supporting Women campaign.




Please note that flowers are not delivered with a vase and that the candle is not included. Discover our collection of <a href=\"https://www.flowerbx.com/eu/home-accessories\">home accessories to browse our signature vases and home fragrances.


Mimosa as a cut branch and will traditionally last 3-4 days in the right conditions. After this, you can remove water from your vase, and preserve Mimosa by drying. Leave in a dry vase, or tie and hang upside down for drying results. For vase life care:

- Recut stems at a sharp diagonal

- Split base of branch vertically about 1cm to allow water to move more easily up the stem

- Remove all excess foliage which would be below the level of the water

- Keep branches in a cooler area, away from direct heat, sunlight and any draughts

- It is crucial that you change water regularly

- If stems start to drop, to try and prolong, re-cut stems with a fresh diagonal cut and add tepid water, this will help hydrate and clear any small blockages in the stems

*As this is a naturally occurring product, there will be a slight size and colour variation throughout the season.

** Please keep away from pets as can be hazardous if swallowed

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