Mini Orchid Planter

From £125.00

  • Long-lasting floral beauty
  • 8 orchid stems of exotic opulence
  • Luxurious in any interior
  • Delivered in our luxury glazed planter
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

Searching for a gift to top every interior lust list? Look no further than our ultra-luxe Mini Orchid Planter. Featuring ten stems of crisp orchids housed in a hand-crafted glazed container, add to basket now for long-lasting elegance.

The FLOWERBX Mini Orchid Planters includes your choice of 3 colours: Alpine White, Deep Violet and Wingtip Pink paired with our terracotta or glazed green Daisy signature pot, and this simple design will enhance any environment.


Plant and pot: H: 28cm approx.

Pot: W: 22cm H: 10cm


Available for delivery to London addresses only.


Orchid Plants require good light levels, especially during winter, however do not place the plants in direct sunlight. Avoid draughts and fluctuating temperatures.

Orchids should not be exposed to extreme temperatures of below 15°c or above 25°c.

Water regularly whilst the plant is flowering and reduce watering slightly during the winter. Always keep the foliage dry, taking care not to splash the leaves. Do not let the roots dry out but avoid letting the plant sit in water. Mist the plant lightly in summer.

Occasionally wipe off the dust from the leaves with a damp cloth as accumulated dust will block light from reaching the foliage.

As plants are a natural product, there may be variation in size and colour throughout the season.

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