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Mother's Day Flowers
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Victorian Pink RoseLily 10 Stems in a Large Mayfair Blanc Vase 2 Colours
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French Kiss Dutch Tulip 6 Colours
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Pink Sweet Avalanche Rose BESTSELLER 10 Colours
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Memory Lane Rose 10 Colours
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Lilac Nymph Double Tulip 6 Colours
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White Hot Dutch Tulip 6 Colours
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Peach Avalanche Rose 10 Colours
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White Rose Potted Plant

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Pink Rose Potted Plant

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Gardening Set
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Why do we give flowers on Mother's Day?

There are various suggested reasons as to why we give flowers and floral gifts on Mother's Day. Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter Sunday, so it is often said that gifting spring flowers is evocative of the season - with varieties including tulips, daffodils, roses, and carnations being the official Mother's Day flowers. This is as well as flowers being physical symbols of life and fertility, things that mothers often represent.

What flowers are most popular for Mother's Day?

Flowers that are most popular for Mother's Day in the UK tend to be seasonal spring varieties that encapsulate the spring season and spirit of new life that surrounds Easter and the months of March and April. At FLOWERBX, these include best-sellers such as rose, hyacinth, and tulip flower bouquets.

What colour flowers for Mother's Day?

The colour flowers you choose for Mother's Day is up to you! There are meanings behind many traditional flower colours for mothers, such as yellow for optimism, green for protection and nature, and pink for love and compassion. Our Mother's Day Collection encompasses this, with something for every kind of mum, grandmother, mother-to-be, or mother-figure in their favourite shade.

Are flowers a good Mother's Day gift?

Flowers always make a good Mother's Day gift! Whether you are marking the occasion with a small flower bouquet or searching for the ultimate Mother's Day gift, our curated collection has something for everyone this Mothering Sunday. From flowers and plants with our freshness guarantee, to extra special gifts like vases, candles, and chocolates, order flowers and more to be delivered on Mother's Day.

What is the most popular Mother's Day gift?

The most popular Mother's Day gifts include chocolates, cards, home accessories, and - of course - beautiful bouquets of flowers. Letterbox flowers are also a popular Mother's Day gift from afar, although they do not retain the same quality or freshness guarantee as flower bouquets sent by FLOWERBX. The cost of the average Mother's Day gift varies, and the amount you should spend on your wife or own mother is always whatever you can afford. We offer flowers and plants starting from under £45.

How long will my Mother's Day flowers last?

Our FLOWERBX freshness guarantee means that, when cared for correctly, your Mothering Sunday flowers should last that bit longer than those purchased from a local florist, flower market, or supermarket. Florist-approved tips like refreshing your flowers' water and using FLOWERBX flower food will help prolong the life of your stems.

Can I have flowers delivered on Mother's Day?

Yes! You can have flowers delivered on Mother's Day, or order flowers to arrive on your chosen delivery date. Explore our range of express shipping options, including next-day and same-day delivery. Every FLOWERBX order comes with complimentary standard delivery included, as well as the option to add our signature gift wrap and a bespoke Mother's Day message at the checkout.

When should I send Mother's Day flowers?

You should send Mother's Day flowers to suit your recipient's schedule, whether that is to arrive on Mothering Sunday or before. At FLOWERBX, you can choose a delivery date or have flowers delivered on the day itself. We offer express delivery options including same-day delivery and next-day delivery, as well as complimentary standard delivery included with every order.

When is Mother's Day?

In the UK, Mother's Day is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter Sunday, usually falling in the months of March or April. In 2022, Mother's Day was on Sunday 27 March. Next year, Mothering Sunday will be on Sunday 19th March 2023. In most countries, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, including the USA, Canada, most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, the Philippines and South Africa. For these countries, Mother's Day will next take place on Sunday 14th May 2023.