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20 Stems of Pink Sweet Avalanche Roses & Tuberose Candle - Please Note Vase is Not Included

From £85.00

16 flowers on 2 stems of Amethyst Vanda Cut Orchid in a  Petit Mayfair Blanc Vase
20 Stems of Pink Sweet Avalanche Roses in a Bailey Bud Vase Set

From £135.00

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What are some Mother's day gift ideas for over £70?

Some Mother's Day gift ideas for over £70 include a bouquet of beautiful, seasonal flowers in a larger stem count, a flower and vase set or a curated gift set, with items hand-picked by our florists for their beauty and luxurious finish.

What are the best Mother's Day flowers for over £70

The best Mother's Day flowers for over £70 include cut orchids, roses and tulips in stem counts of up to 50, with the addition of luxury curated vase pairings and gift sets, including candles, room sprays, and chocolates.

What can I include in a Mother's Day gift for over £70

When choosing a gift for over £70, you can send flowers in a perfectly paired vase, pick from vase sets, or curated gift sets sent with the addition of chocolates, candles, room sprays, and more.