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30 Ivory Avalanche Rose Stems in a Medium Mayfair Vase

From £155.00

20 Stems in a Royal Windsor Vase and one Tuberose Candle

From £85.00

50 Pink Sweet Avalanche Roses in a Medium Apothecary Vase - Vase is an optional add on's

From £150.00

20 Stems Pink Sweet Roses in a Small Mayfair Vase Set

From £115.00

16 flowers on 2 stems of Amethyst Vanda Cut Orchid in a  Petit Mayfair Blanc Vase
10 Stems of Victorian Pink RoseLily in a Large Mayfair Blanc Vase
20 stems in a Large Apothecary vase

From £80.00

Forest Rubber Plant Medium

From £40.00

Petit Mayfair Onyx Vase
Small Mayfair Onyx Vase
Medium Mayfair Onyx Vase
Large Mayfair Onyx Vase
Fiddle-Leaf Fig

From £170.00

Areca Palm
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