With all the charm of the traditional variety, plus uniquely frilled petals in an array of two-tone shades, Parrot tulips are a welcome breath of floral fresh air. As we dream of sunnier days ahead, our collection of pretty Parrot tulips will help to adorn your home with the impending joys of spring, even before it arrives. In colours that range from deliciously dabbled to jewel-like gems, we have made caring for your Parrot tulips as simple as can be. From prepping your stems, to creating an artful arrangement, read on for our florist-approved advice that will keep them looking even better by the day.



Once you have unwrapped your flowers, re-cut the stems using a pair of FLOWERBX Floral Scissors, about 2 - 3cm from the bottom at a 45° angle. This encourages water absorption and maximises vase life.

parrot tulips


Your Parrot tulips will arrive with a fair bit of excess foliage. Remove the outer leaves and anything else that would sit below the waterline, as this will otherwise create debris build-up in your vase. Next, fill your vase with lukewarm clean water, making sure to refresh it daily, or whenever the water turns murky. Always use the flower food provided, or opt to stock up on our FLOWERBX Flower Food to make sure you never miss a floral moment.

Parrot tulips 2


With a single stem in hand, start to arrange your flowers by keeping them facing the same direction, forming a beautifully symmetrical spiral. Cut your flowers to a length where most of the stem is supported by the vase, and there are only a few centimetres of stem between the vase and the tulip head. This will keep the stems contained and allow the flowers to fan out effortlessly.

Parrot tulips 3


To keep your flowers fresher for even longer, make sure that they are positioned in a well-lit spot, away from direct sunlight or drafts. Be sure to change the water regularly to keep them at their very best.


With such show-stopping elegance, when styling your Parrot tulips, less is more. Our Wickstead Pot is the ideal companion for this tulip variety, as the shorter height and width of the vase allows your tulips to fan; divinely showcasing their exquisitely ruffled petals and striking shades. Importantly, it is very normal for these top-heavy flowers to droop in the vase slightly due to their softer stems. But, don’t panic! When cared for correctly, their beauty is unrivalled.


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