Potted Pink Hydrangea Plant

  • Brings floral beauty outdoors or in
  • XL flower heads from summer to autumn
  • Enjoy for years to come
  • Delivered in a signature FLOWERBX terracotta pot
  • Complimentary delivery on your chosen date

Enjoy the beauty of a hydrangea garden long after the flower’s prime season with our Potted Hydrangea. Presented in a terracotta pot, this flowering plant blooms from summer through to autumn and when taken care of will re-bloom just as impressive the following year.

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Hydrangea and pot height: Approx 40cm

Pot Dimensions

Width: 16cm

Height: 15cm 


Please note, your potted hydrangea may arrive green due to their stage of growth but will change colour when cared for correctly.


The potted hydrangea will thrive when placed outdoors or on a terrace.

Keep away from direct, harsh sunlight and extreme temperatures. The potted hydrangea prefers gentle morning sun and afternoon shade.

Water at least twice a week to three times a week if the leaves look droopy.

Always water the plant all the way around the container, not just in one place. Soil should be moist throughout and water should come out of the bottom of the pot.

The potted hydrangea will benefit from deadheading, removing the blooms as soon as they wilt, this promotes continued blooming and keeps the plant looking tidy until the next bloom cycle.

Top tip: Prune back your hydrangea in late autumn to encourage new flowers year after year.