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A time for family, friends and - of course - being thankful; Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to come together with those that mean the most. And what better place to do so than at home, with a divinely decorated seasonal table to match. FLOWERBX founder Whitney Bromberg Hawkings welcomes us into her world to share her top tips for a stylish Thanksgiving; from how to host the ultimate soirée, to the perfect table and florals to accompany your celebrations.

Your guests are on their way, the turkey is in the oven, and your champagne cocktails are ready to be served. The last thing on your list is pulling together the showstopper of all tablescapes, for what is - in my house - one of the biggest celebrations in the yearly calendar. But remember, a perfectly curated table does not have to be hard work. I love to indulge in a palette of orange flowers and oh-so-timely pumpkins to give a nod to the season, while successfully avoiding anything too themed. I bunch together our Burnt Amber calla lily, and do the same with our vibrant Free Spirit roses, and display them dotted across the table in a trio of our glistening gold Wickstead vases. The key is to work with your space and leave ample room for your loved ones to gather, as well as for plenty of delicious food!

"Always stick with single variety bunches, as it offers a truly luxe feel, no matter how many stems you are working with"




Dining at a smaller table? No problem! Just scale back on your flowers, and opt for one centrepiece rather than three. I stick to odd numbers of vases when designing my tablescapes, to keep them looking well-balanced but less formulaic. Remember, the most important thing about Thanksgiving is having your loved ones around the table, regardless of how intimate.

Always stick with single variety bunches, as it offers a truly luxe feel, no matter how many stems you are working with.

Tie your whole look together with tonal finishes, like rust and burnt orange taper candles, vintage glassware, and coordinating table linens. Do not be afraid to bring out some of your most cherished, heirloom pieces; it is a day for tradition, afterall!


Looking for an alternative to cut flowers? I love to add an extra point of interest to my seasonal tablescapes with the help of our Autumnal Wreath. Made from preserved leaves in rich red tones, our wreath makes the perfect wow-factor centrepiece that can be enjoyed time and time again.

Adapt your arrangement to the size of your table. If you are having a larger gathering, add three wreaths along the middle, teamed with pumpkins and simple pillar candles. For smaller soirées, you may need just one central wreath.

Think about your extra details. Our Autumn Wreath truly makes a statement, so I like it best paired with a bright and crisp white candle in the centre, adding a touch of pared-back styling.


Want to hear how our founder makes sure that her celebrations are extra-special? We spoke to Whitney on all things Thanksgiving, from yearly rituals to making new memories.

Firstly, what does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Thanksgiving is all about reflection. Life is so busy - which I love! - but it is so important to take a moment to be thankful for all that we have. The occasion evokes endless memories of celebrating with family and friends, surrounded by lots good food, and - of course - against a backdrop of a carefully curated table and amazing flowers. This year, more than ever, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excited to be spending Thanksgiving with dear friends that have become family.

The big day has arrived. Are you dining in or heading out?

I adore dining out, but when it comes to Thanksgiving, it is all about being at home with those that mean the most. I absolutely love to host, and Thanksgiving is one of the ultimate occasions to really embrace the role! It doesn't feel authentic if I haven't baked at least 3 pies and spent days in the kitchen preparing.

What are your fail-safe Thanksgiving essentials?

In my house, welcome cocktails are a total must! I love to choose something seasonal yet always classic to get the celebrations off to the right start before dining. This year, I will be making Orange Blossom Bellinis as homage to the table of flowers that await and will serve a traditional Thanksgiving feast replete with an abundance of pumpkin, apple and pecan pie for dessert. As an expat, I have a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving with my closest friends (some of whom are also American) and their families. I carry on a tradition that my Mom made us do growing up where we go around the table and say what we are thankful for. It is always moving to hear what the children highlight and important to take stock in how fortunate we are.

What are your perfect quick and easy ways to take a tablescape from special to extraordinary?

For me, it is all in the details. Beautiful flowers are always my starting point, but they can be elevated to a new level with a little extra help. I love to create hand-written name cards and menus for each guest, and often add a sprig of foliage and velvet ribbon tied in a bow as unique place settings. These are really simple additions that will be sure to make your table a memorable one.

Finally, sum up Thanksgiving at Whitney's in three words.

Can I have four? Family, friends, food, flowers!.