Christmas Gifts For Plant & Flower Lovers

Christmas Gifts For Plant & Flower Lovers
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How do I pick the perfect gift?

You can pick the perfect gift by always being careful considering who you are buying for and putting a meaningful touch into present buying. Here are some tips for choosing the ultimate gift at FLOWERBX:
Consider your recipient, their favourite colours and scents.
Choose a gift that suits their home and lifestyle.
Define your budget, we have floral varieties from just £30.
Consider the occasion. We have edits for every celebration or event.
Make it personal with a bespoke message or gift subscription.
Be practical - choose from pet-friendly, pollen-free, and wellness-boosting options.

What are the top Christmas gift ideas for plant lovers?

The top Christmas gift ideas for plant lovers are:
A plant to suit their home from the FLOWERBX plant shop - we have small, tall, wellness-boosting, and pet-friendly options.
A beautiful orchid planter - a long-lasting alternative to cut flowers.
Gardening tools, such as the FLOWERBX Gardening Set, are perfect for seasoned gardeners or those just getting started.
A plant that suits outdoors or in, like our potted rose or potted hydrangea.
Gardening gloves.
A botanical-inspired scented candle or room spray.
An elevated plant pot, like our glazed pots and planters.
Botanical-inspired books or artwork.

What are the top Christmas gift ideas for flowers lovers?

The top Christmas gifts for flower lovers are:
A bunch of seasonal flowers.
A FLOWERBX flower subscription, for fresh, seasonal flowers on repeat.
A vase to fill with flowers.
A bunch of fragrant festive foliage.
A book about flowers.
A floral plant, like our Mini Orchid planter.
A FLOWERBX Flower Subscription Gift Card.
A floral-scented candle or room spray.
Gardening tools, including the FLOWERBX Gardening Set.

What should I include in a Christmas gift basket?

In a Christmas gift basket, you should include:
Seasonal treats, like biscuits, cakes, and hot cocoa mix.
Fresh flowers and winter foliage for the home.
Tea bags and fresh coffee.
A FLOWERBX Flower Subscription gift card.
Crisp linens and cashmere blankets.
A plant for the home or bulbs for spring.
Festive home decor, like tree decorations.
A FLOWERBX scented candle or room spray.

What is a good gift for someone who has expensive taste?

A good gift for someone with expensive taste is:
A FLOWERBX Flower Subscription for a gift that keeps on giving.
A FLOWERBX Flower Subscription Gift Card, so your recipient can select their start date to suit their schedule.
A bunch of luxury, seasonal flowers from FLOWERBX.
A show-stopping house plant, like our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.
A beautifully home scent, like a diffuser, a scented candle or a room spray from our collection.
Hand-crafted glazed plant pot from our home accessories range.
An elevated gardening tool kit - our FLOWERBX Gardening Set is perfect.
An orchid planter or bunch of cut orchids for the ultimate floral opulence.
Table linens and table accessories, including taper candles, centrepieces, and glassware.
Home soft furnishings and cosy essentials, like velvet cushions or cashmere blankets.

How can I make my Christmas presents look pretty?

There are some simple but luxurious ways to make your Christmas presents look pretty. These include:
Use a premium yet sustainable wrapping option. This can be high-quality paper or fabric, the latter being able to be reused again.
Always create a cohesive colour scheme and theme.
Opt for an alternative for traditionally festive to help your presents stand out.
Always add a ribbon for texture and colour. Our favourites are velvet, silk, organza, or chiffon.
Wrap neatly with clear stickers rather than tape.
Add a gift box or bag for those difficult-to-wrap gifts.
Always add a name tag or bespoke message note.