Christmas Garlands

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How long should a Christmas garland be?

The length of Christmas garland is dependant on where you would like it to be displayed and whether it is to be hung, draped, or twisted:
For a mantlepiece:
You should measure the length of your mantle and add 3-4 feet for drape.
For a staircase:
You should measure the length of the banister or rail and then times that dimension by one and a half.

How do I attach a garland to a staircase?

Attaching a garland to a staircase can appear complicated, but we’ve made it easy with these simple tips:
1. Attach one end of your garland to the end of the banister. Make sure you do this securely, with strong twine.
2. Place one end of the garland at the top of your staircase. Wrap strong twine around the end of the garland and the banister and pull it tight.
3. Another more natural looking option is to attach your garland at one end of your staircase, and weave it around the banister for a textured finish.

How do I attach a garland to a fireplace?

Attaching a garland to a mantlepiece is easy to achieve with a few options: 1. Lay your garland across the top of your mantle, and allow around 3-4 feet drape to each side.
2. Attach hooks to your mantle to keep your garland in place. Make sure you choose non-damaging adhesive styles with double sided tape on the back.

What colour should a Christmas garland be?

The colour of your Christmas garland should be guided by the shades of the rest of your Holiday decor. Traditionally, Christmas garlands are green in colour, made with fresh and seasonal foliage including fresh pine, fir foliage, and scented eucalyptus. If you are hoping to use different types and shades of foliage, make sure there is something cohesive to bring your garland together with the rest of your decorations for a balanced and stylish look.

What else can I do with a Christmas garland?

A great altenative use for your Christmas garland is to use it as part of a festive table display. To do so, lay, weave, or drape your Christmas garland through the centre of your table - ensuring you have enough length for both ends to hang elegantly. Next, intercept with bud vases filled with festive flowers and foliage, plus taper candles in coordinating shades.

How do I look after my Christmas garland?

To look after your Christmas garland, follow these simple steps:
• Mist your garland at least once per week with cool water.
• Keep your garland away from heat sources, drafts, and warm radiators.
• Use an Anti-transpirant to help seal in moisture to the fresh foliage.

How do I store my Christmas garland?

To store your Christmas garland, you should: 1. When not in use, store your garland in a secure, watertight box in a cool and dry place.
2. Keep it stored away from heat and light sources, as well as extreme weather and moisture.
3. Make sure no moisture can get into your storage box.
4. Keep your garland free from dust to preserve its beauty for even longer but lightly brushing.