Fiddle-Leaf Fig

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  • A towering floor-standing variety
  • Green and glossy waxy leaves
  • A statement-making choice
  • Delivered in a signature FLOWERBX pot
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

The fiddle leaf ficus (more commonly known as the fiddle leaf fig plant) is distinguished by large violin-shaped leaves with a waxy finish, that grow in an upright direction. Native to the tropics where they thrive in warm and wet conditions, these tough plants can fortunately withstand less-than-perfect conditions such as an indoor home or office environment.

The Fiddle-Leaf Fig from FLOWERBX is available in two different heights: 4 - 4.5 feet or 5.5 - 6 feet. All of our plants are delivered in a simple, purposeful white plastic pot and can be repotted if desired. Please note that the style of the pot you receive may vary slightly from the picture.

Our plant pots are made from recycled materials, using 100% wind energy for their manufacturing process.


For the 5ft Fiddle-Leaf Fig:

Plant and pot: H: 4 ft 9 in. approx.

Pot: W: 13.7 in H: 12.5 in


For the 6ft Fiddle-Leaf Fig:

Plant and pot: H: 5 ft 4.7 in approx.

Pot: W: 13.7 in H: 12.5 in


The Fiddle-Leaf Fig will thrive in a brightly lit spot without direct sunlight, although a small amount of daily sun is good (not mid afternoon sun).

Water when the top soil becomes slightly dry and reduce watering in the winter.

It is really important not to overwater the Fiddle Leaf Fig, especially during colder months. We would recommend letting the soil dry out, so that the roots are not constantly damp as this can cause root rot.

As these plants are native to the tropics you can also lightly mist the plant to increase humidity and will thrive in a brightly lit spot without direct sunlight.

If the leaves become dusty, please gently wipe them clean with a soft damp cloth.