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Holiday Flowers and Branches
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20 Stems in a Royal Windsor Vase - Please note vase is not included 3 Colours
From $95.00
Winter White Hypericum 5 Colours
From $60.00
Egg Shell Amaryllis 7 Colours
From $115.00
Modern White Calla Lily 6 Colours
From $90.00
Mondial Rose 12 Colours
From $95.00
Alabaster Vanda Cut Orchid 7 Colours
From $75.00
40 Stem in a Royal Windsor Vase 12 Colours
From $60.00
Petal White Anemone 6 Colours
From $140.00
25 Stems in a Royal Windsor Vase 6 Colours
From $80.00
Mint Parrot Tulip MOST LOVED 2 Colours
From $75.00
Mint Green Hypericum 5 Colours
From $60.00
Seeded eucalyptus populous Foliage
From $45.00
Green Cinerea Eucalyptus Foliage
From $45.00
Whispering Angel Amaryllis 7 Colours
From $110.00
Candy Cane Carnation 12 Colours
From $60.00
Candy Cane Amaryllis 7 Colours
From $110.00
Scarlet Double Tulip 3 Colours
From $85.00
Lipstick Red Anemone 6 Colours
From $140.00
Wild Watermelon Amaryllis 7 Colours
From $110.00
50 Stems in a Wickstead Pot Bestseller 2 Colours
From $75.00
Bordeaux Petit Amaryllis 20 stems in a Large Onyx Mayfair Vase
From $120.00
Vixen Amaryllis 7 Colours
From $110.00
Rouge Hypericum EXPRESS DELIVERY 5 Colours
From $70.00
Red Naomi Rose Bestseller 3 Colours
From $105.00
40 Stem in a Royal Windsor Vase 12 Colours
From $60.00
In the Pink Hypericum 5 Colours
From $70.00
Deep Red Amaryllis 7 Colours
From $110.00
Red Hot Carnation 12 Colours
From $60.00
Chocolate Hypericum 5 Colours
From $60.00
Bordeaux Anemone 6 Colours
From $140.00
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What flowers are traditional for Christmas?

The flowers that are traditional for Christmas include some of the season’s best varieties in a range of festive shades and textures. Look out for flowers in red, white, and green, with hints of fragrant foliage to evoke the spirit of the season. The most traditional are:
Cymbidium Orchids
Red Roses
Christmas Foliages

What is the most popular flower for Christmas?

The most popular flowers for Christmas are those that capture the spirit of the Holidays through seasonality, colour, texture, and scent. Some of the most popular Christmas flowers include Amaryllis, Poinsettia, Azalea, Cymbidium Orchids, Red Roses, Christmas Foliages and Tulips.

What is a Christmas Lily?

A Christmas Lily is a species of flowering plant from the Liliaceae family. It is often also called the Regal Lily, the Royal Lily, or the King's Lily, and is notable for its trumpet-shaped flowers. Heavily associated with the festive season, the Christmas Lily is a long-lasting variety, recognisable for its bright Holiday-approved palette, and may also be known as an amaryllis.

What are the red Christmas flowers called?

There are many red flowers at Christmas. They include red roses, red tulips, red amaryllis, red festive foliage, and red-berried branches, such as ilex berries and hypericum. Poinsettia - a red plant often associated with Christmas - does not have any flowers, and the red-coloured bracts are leaves.

Do you give flowers on Christmas?

Flowers make a great gift to give on Christmas. From seasonal cut-to-order stems in shades of red, white, and green, to flowering plants and festive foliage - sending a floral gift is an extraordinary way to show your love and gratitude. With FLOWERBX, complimentary delivery - plus gift wrap and the option to add a bespoke note - is included with every standard order, helping you to send the perfect present.

How long does a Christmas Lily last?

A Christmas Lily will last up to three weeks, and can last longer when cut and put in a vase than they would when left on a plant. Their flower buds can take a week to fully open, then last for another week to two weeks following that. You should keep your Christmas Lily stems in their own vase for the first week, after which they can be arranged with other stems.

Are there any winter flowers?

Yes! There are plenty of striking seasonal flowers in the winter. Winter flowers include tulips, amaryllis, ranunculus, and anemones, as well as carnations, calla lilies, and coloured seasonal foliage and branches including hypericum and ilex berries. You can also shop for winter roses, which come in shades including festive red and snowy white. Orchids are also often associated with being Christmas flowers, thanks to their seasonality and long vase life making them a great gift.

How to care for your cut flowers in winter?

To care for your cut flowers in winter, follow these simple steps:
Keep the room temperature consistent and cool - around 18-19°C.
Avoid extreme heat or keeping your cut flowers near a hot radiator.
Add lukewarm water to balance the temperature.
Use FLOWERBX flower food.
Re-cut stems regularly to help with water absorption.
Choose high-quality flowers for longer vase life.