Rococo Parrot Tulip

  • Unique, feathered petals
  • A statement stem
  • Striking style and shade
  • Complimentary delivery and gift-wrap

The Rococo Parrot Tulip boasts upright frilly-edged flowers and sings a hymn to Spring. 

Caring for your Parrot Tulips could not be simpler, thanks to our expert-approved guide. From prepping your stems to creating an artful arrangement, discover our florist’s favourite tips to help them look better by the day.

Parrot tulips are top-heavy and tend to droop in the vase slightly due to their softer stems, but are loved for their magnificent splay of colour as they open. If you prefer more upright tulips, please opt for the Dutch or Double tulip varieties.

Please note that flowers are not delivered with a vase and that the candle is not included. Discover our collection of home accessories to browse our signature vases and home fragrances.


The Parrot Tulip is a short stem (measurement approximate).



Your FLOWERBX delivery comes directly from the grower and is sourced to order, meaning they are the freshest flowers available.To enjoy your flowers for longer, follow these simple steps:

• Remove any foliage that would be below the waterline to avoid contaminating the water

• Re-cut the stems at a 45° angle to encourage maximum water absorption

• Place the stems in a clean vase with freshly-drawn, lukewarm water as soon as possible

• Ensure the flowers are positioned outof direct sunlight, away from drafts or heating and avoid extreme temperatures

• Change the water regularly to keep the flowers happy and healthy

*Please keep flowers away from pets and children as they are toxic and should not be consumed.

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