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Can wreaths be used all year round?

Wreaths can be used all year round and should be hung anywhere from your front door to above your mantlepiece. Fresh and dried wreaths are a versatile alternative to cut flowers, with options available to bring a natural touch to your home from spring to winter. You can hang your wreath whenever you want however the most popular times to hang a Christmas wreath on your door are the 1st of December and two weeks before Christmas. Seasonal wreaths can be hung whenever you want to brighten up your door or house.

Are wreaths only for Christmas?

No wreaths are not only for Christmas. There are wreaths for Christmas and many other seasonal occasions. You can use an indoor or outdoor wreath to dress your door or home for every moment of the calendar - spring, summer, autumn, and winter - plus, celebrations including Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Can wreaths get wet?

Wreaths should not get wet and should be kept protected indoors or under a porch. Most real, natural, fresh, or dried wreaths should be kept protected from extreme weather, high heat, light sources, and excessive moisture to preserve their natural beauty. Depending on whether your chosen wreath includes fresh foliage, it may enjoy an occasional light misting on the back. Dried and preserved wreaths do not require any watering.

How long does real wreaths last?

When cared for correctly, real dried and preserved wreaths can last for months, throughout the seasons, and even for years to come. To ensure that your wreath stays looking its best:
1. Keep away from heat and light sources, as well as extreme weather and moisture
2. Do not water, but lightly dust leaves if necessary
3. When not in use, store your wreath in a secure, watertight box in a cool and dry place.

What can I spray on a wreath to preserve it?

To help preserve your wreath, you can use anti-transpirant or anti-desiccant sprays. Spritzing your wreath with one will help keep your fresh wreath from losing its natural beauty and vibrancy. Originally developed to protect plants in drought-prone areas, these sprays can also be used to prolong the freshness of cut greenery.

Where do you hang wreaths indoors?

When thinking about where to hang a wreath indoors, there are plenty of options to explore. At FLOWERBX, we think wreaths are one of the most versatile home decor accessories all year round and can be displayed anywhere from above your mantlepiece, to on a feature wall or chimney breast. Wreaths can also be used as centrepieces for dining table displays, teamed with seasonal flowers and candles.

Where do you hang a wreath on the front door?

When hanging a wreath on your front door, you have a few options. The most popular of these is to hang your wreath centrally on the top half of your door. This will help draw your eye to the wreath with ease and ensure a symmetrical look. Hanging a wreath on your front door is simple, and can be done so with either a small nail or an over-the-door hook or ribbon. Alternatively, you can hang your wreath from a door knob or knocker.

What is the meaning of door wreaths?

Door wreaths hold various meanings. Traditionally, a wreath is an assortment of leaves, twigs, flowers, and fruit in the shape of a circle. The word wreath itself comes from the word “writhen” translating from old English as “to twist”. Wreaths are long-standing symbols of celebration and victory, hung by Romans to signify their status in society. From a religious perspective, wreaths represent eternity, and growth and hold Christian connotations both at Christmas and throughout the seasons.