A member of our specialised FLOWERBX delivery team brings your order to your desired address from Tuesday to Saturday between 8am and 6pm in a specifically conditioned vehicle. For flowers and accessories, there is a minimum of a 2 day lead-time. For most plants, the lead-time is a minimum of 3 days. The delivery fee for flowers and accesories is £5. For larger plants, the delivery fee is £10. You can leave instructions to the driver on the confirm page at checkout, and if no one is there to accept the delivery, it can be dropped at a designated, safe place. Flowers will be left in our returnable container with stems in water. Please leave this container in the same place for us to collect on your next delivery date. If you would like these collected sooner, please contact us.

We currently deliver within central London to the following postcodes; however, if you contact us, we can try and make exceptions for larger orders:

E1 N14 SE14 SW17
E2 N15 SE15 SW18
E3 N16 SE16 SW19
E5 N17 SE17 SW20
E8 N18 SE21 TW8
E9 N19 SE22 TW9
E14 N20 SE24 TW10
EC1 N21 SE27 W1
EC2 NW1 SW1 W2
EC3 NW2 SW2 W3
EC4 NW3 SW3 W4
N1 NW4 SW4 W5
N2 NW5 SW5 W6
N3 NW6 SW6 W7
N4 NW7 SW7 W8
N5 NW8 SW8 W9
N6 NW9 SW9 W10
N7 NW10 SW10 W11
N8 NW11 SW11 W12
N9 SE1 SW12 W13
N10 SE5 SW13 W14
N11 SE8 SW14 WC1
N12 SE10 SW15 WC2
N13 SE11 SW16