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At FLOWERBX, we understand the responsibility of working with flower’s natural beauty. Knowing the value that they hold for both our planet and the people that live on it, we make it our mission to do the best thing by both. For us, ethical practices equate to an overall better world, which is why they always have, and always will be, at the heart of what we do.







Our Packaging

Since 2019, our cardboard and paper packaging has been 100% recyclable, sourced from certified FSC providers. All components of our non-gifting bouquets are fully compostable; from our flower food sachets, to water pads, tape, and string. When it comes to developments in this area, we know that there is always more to be done, so our ever-evolving strategy starts with looking to reduce delivery box size to help combat cardboard waste. 


Our Milestone Goal?

A fully compostable bouquet.





Our People

From the start of our flowers’ journey, to wherever they end up; every person matters. We already source from local suppliers where we can, with the hope of growing the number of smaller flower farms we work with by 20% this year.

We are a female-founded and led brand, with CEO Whitney Bromberg Hawkings at our helm. Our internal workforce is currently made up of over 85% female staff, with a focus on diversity and representation across the business as a priority.

Our Initiatives

At FLOWERBX, we use our voice for good, with the aim of always giving back where we can. Whitney Bromberg Hawkings is a founding patron of charities including The Princes’ Trust and Lady Garden Foundation, actively contributing to their wider campaigns and fundraisers both individually and through FLOWERBX.

We aim to use our platform to support people and communities in need with targeted, seasonal campaigns.


Our Progress

We believe that the future of sustainable florals is FLOWERBX, and with that, our pledge to ethical trading and sustainability is greater than ever. With many plans on the horizon, we are not only looking to improve upon what we already do, but remain industry-leading in new developments and best practices. Here is just a little of what we are working towards in our mission to become B-Corp certified by the end of 2022.



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