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When are Hyacinths in season?

Hyacinths are in season from early March to April, around the same time as fellow spring bulbs such as narcissus and tulips. It takes approximately three weeks for the hyacinth's flowers to fully open, offering long-lasting beauty to enjoy indoors or out. They should last in a vase for over a week, or even two!

What do hyacinths represent?

Hyacinths represent many different emotions, making them suited to many occasions. These include sincerity and sorrow - making them a great choice for apology flowers - as well as passionate love, new beginnings, and devotion. Different shades of hyacinth also hold their own meanings:
Purple hyacinths represent royalty and spirituality
White hyacinths represent loveliness or prayers for a loved one
Pink hyacinths represent playfulness, new love, and fresh starts
Blue hyacinths represent sorrow and sincerity

How long do cut hyacinths last?

Cut hyacinths can last up to two weeks in a vase. Like tulips, they continue to grow after being cut which can lead them to droop.

How do you stop hyacinths drooping?

To stop hyacinths drooping in their vase, be sure to place them in a vessel of a supportive shape and structure. Like tulips, they can become top-heavy, so a vase with a tall, narrow opening that can keep them contained is essential.

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