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20 Stems in a Medium Apothecary Vase 6 Colours
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20 Stems in a Medium Apothecary Vase 10 Colours
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Sunkissed Freesia 5 Colours
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Saltarello Apricot Long-Stem Deluxe Lily 6 Colours
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Butterscotch Spray Rose 5 Colours
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20 stems in a Large Apothecary vase
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Lemondrop Gladiolus 6 Colours
From £65.00
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Which flower represents congratulations?

Congratulations can be represented through any flower, so be sure to choose your recipient's favourite variety. Some FLOWERBX signatures for marking a special occasion in floral include peonies, roses, and daisies. Typically, the flower that signifies success is anything purple-coloured.

What colour flower represents congratulations?

purple flowers traditionally represent congratulations and success. At FLOWERBX, we have a full edit of seasonal flowers in a purple palette that you can shop today here. Yellow roses are also ideal for sending congratulations and are sure to lift the mood in any home.

When should you buy someone congratulations flowers?

You can buy someone congratulations flowers whatever the occasion, whether it's for a new job, new home, exam results, or new baby. Flowers are a great way to show to say congratulations, but also a wonderful way to lift someone’s mood for no reason at all!

Is it appropriate to send flowers to someone's workplace?

It is appropriate to send flowers to someone's workplace to mark the start of a new job, or to wish them congratulations when you know they aren't at home. It's always best to check with the recipient to which delivery address they are most comfortable receiving a gift, to avoid any confusion.

What do you write on a congratulations flower card?

You can write a message of encouragement and well wishes in a congratulations card, remembering to make it bespoke and fitting to your recipient. Options include; you did it! well done, we're proud of you, and good luck! You can also add a personalised message to your flower delivery at the checkout.

What kind of flowers do you give someone after a performance?

The best kind of flower to give someone after a performance are roses, or their favourite flower - should you already know it. You should always give your congratulations flower bouquet after the performance has finished, rather than before it commences.