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What gifts do you give for Diwali?

Being a festival of togetherness and prosperity in Hindu tradition, giving gifts is a key part of Diwali celebrations.
Appropriate Diwali gifts include sweets and dried fruits, as well as other meaningful gestures such as gold and silver coins, Lakshmi or Ganesha idols, and Rangoli decorations.

Are flowers appropriate for Diwali?

Flowers and candles are a key aspect of Diwali decor, and something not to be missed from your celebrations.
Your choice of Diwali flowers should be bright and bold, capturing the mood of the five-day occasion.
For Diwali, flowers are thought to symbolise beauty, purity, and innocence.

How to pick the best flowers for Diwali

Your choice of Diwali flowers should be bright, colourful, and evocative of the spirit of the celebrations.
Opt for seasonal varieties in a rainbow palette, much like:
in our Diwali Collection.

Is there a colour associated with Diwali?

Bright and bold colours are always associated with Diwali celebrations. Shades like red, sunshine yellow, vivid blue, and magenta are synonymous with the celebrations - reflecting the feast of light, prosperity, and joy they represent. Rangoli patterns are also traditionally made in this palette.

Why do people use flowers on Diwali?

Flowers are used not only to bring happiness and beauty to Diwali celebrations but they are also used in worship.
Traditionally, marigolds are a symbol of the occasion, although bright and uplifting floral varieties including Carnations, Snapdragons and Roses also capture the spirit of the time.
Goddess Lakshmi is also fond of the Lotus flower, a symbol of wealth and prosperity which is used for worship during Diwali.

What are the garlands of flowers used for on Diwali?

Garlands of flowers are used to decorate the home during all major Hindu festivals, including Diwali.
They are traditionally made from leaves of the mango tree and marigold flowers, popular due to their vibrant yet sturdy florals and spiritual significance.

What are Indian flower garlands called?

Flower garlands are often known as mala, and are symbols of peace, love, beauty, and purity within Hinduism.
Fragrant flowers like marigolds, jasmine, red roses, and lotus are preferred in Indian tradition, being an important religious offering in worship from grand temples to domestic rituals.