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Which flowers should I send to a pregnant woman?

When sending flowers to someone who is pregnant, or trying to assess which flowers are pregnancy-safe, there are a few steps to follow:
Avoid strong-smelling flowers.
Choose a variety that doesn't have a lot of pollen, to avoid allergies.
Examples of varieties that should be avoided are jasmine, evening primrose, lilies and mimosa, but always seek medical advice if you are unsure. Alternatively, choose from the likes of chrysanthemums and carnations.

Can you send flowers to pregnant woman?

Yes – you can send flowers to someone who’s expecting. Once you have defined whether your chosen variety is pregnancy-safe, choose a variety with meaning that they will cherish. At FLOWERBX, all orders include complimentary standard shipping and gift wrap, so you can spoil someone special with flowers throughout their pregnancy, sent straight to their door.

Which flowers represent pregnancy?

There are no specific flowers to represent pregnancy, but here are some ideas of beautiful flowers with equally beautiful meanings to help your loved one through their pregnancy.
Peonies represent healing.
Queen Anne's Lace represents femininity.
Pink Roses symbolise friendship.
Pink Tulips symbolise care.
Daffodils represent a new baby

What flowers symbolise maternity?

The flower that symbolises maternity is the carnation. This is because the carnation is an international symbol of motherhood, representing the eternal love between mother and child. the eternal love that a mother has for their children. The Greek meaning behind carnations directly translates to 'heavenly flower', a sentiment that is evocative of mother figures.

What is a fertility flower?

The flower that symbolises fertility is the orchid. Perfect for gifting before, during, or after pregnancy, orchids are known to be one of the most allergy-friendly flowers that exist. This is because orchid pollen is sticky and stays within the flower, rather than being exposed externally.

What do you gift someone who is pregnant?

Some great gift ideas for someone who is pregnant are:
A flower subscription for a little me-time once the baby arrives.
Their favourite pregnancy-safe flowers.
Gifts to make their home feel special, like candles and room fragrances.
Pregnancy-safe pampering treats.
A floral gift set, for something extra-special.
Cosy loungewear.
A pregnancy journal or baby book.
Simply something she loves! Buy a gift that helps remind her of who she is and is specifically for her.