Tortoiseshell Calathea Medallion

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The Tortoiseshell Calathea Medallion is also commonly known as the ‘Cathedral’, ‘Peacock’ or ‘Zebra’ plant due to the beautiful brush-effect pattern on its leaves, as well as its tropical origins. Both pet-friendly and adaptable to medium light, this indoor calathea plant is a great all-rounder for the house. Accustomed to humid conditions, keep rested on wet pebbles inside the pot or alternatively, mist daily so that it retains its moisture.

The Tortoiseshell Calathea Medallion plant is delivered in a simple, purposeful white or anthracite ceramic pot and can be repotted if desired.

Our plant pots are made from recycled materials, using 100% wind energy for their manufacturing process.


Plant and pot: H: 80cm approx.

Pot: W: 30cm H: 28cm


Calathea plants will thrive in a well-lit spot without direct sunlight, although a small amount of daily sun is good (avoid mid-afternoon sun). Too much direct sunlight may cause the leaves to loose its markings.

Water twice weekly in spring and summer or when soil is dry and reduce in the winter to every 7-10 days. Do not overwater.

Calathea require humid conditions, keep your plant on a wet pebble tray or mist daily.

Give your plant food every two weeks in summer and half during winter months.

Calathea plants also like their leaves to be wiped with a damp cloth to rid them of dust.

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