Asparagus Fern


The Asparagus Fern, also known as 'Asparagus Setaceus', is native to South and East Africa and is a fast-growing houseplant. Known as the ‘feather asparagus’ due to its fine feathery-looking leaves, it is an attractive feature on a table-top or shelf and thrives in humid conditions, so make sure to mist daily to retain moisture.


Plant and pot: H: 50cm approx.

Pot size: W. (top) 22cm. H. 20cm


Ferns will thrive in a humid, well-lit spot without direct sunlight, although a small amount of daily sun is good (avoid mid-afternoon sun). Water once or twice a week during spring and summer or when soil is dry and reduce in the winter. Make sure to mist daily or rest the plant on wet pebbles inside the pot to retain its moisture. Do not overwater. Give your plant food every two weeks in summer and half during winter months. Repot every couple of years.

Asparagus Ferns are highly toxic to cats, so we highly discourage you from keeping them near your pet.