Boudoir Peony

  • A floral icon
  • Short but sweet season
  • Delicate fragrance
  • Arranged by hand in London
  • Complimentary gift wrap

For the most sophisticated peony-lover


- Full of magic and mystery, this unique shade is simply captivating
- A bestselling French variety with a cult following
- Deep burgundy peonies symbolise passion and love
- A short-but-sweet season – get them while you can!

Get the LOOK

For a bunch of 10 stems, choose the Small Mayfair Blanc Vase or our Royal Windsor vase
For a bunch of 20 stems, pick the Royal Windsor vase
For a bunch of 30 stems, choose the Medium Mayfair Blanc Vase
For a bunch of 40 stems, choose the Large Mayfair Blanc Vase
Add Flower Food and Floral Scissors for the ultimate floristry kit


Peonies arrive in bud. Expect to see them open within 2 days at home.
Top your peonies up with FLOWERBX Flower Food for an extra dose of floral beauty.
Love peonies? Try our subscription, made for cherishing every moment of their season.
If you're looking for more advice, head to our Peony Care Guide or reach out to our team.


The Peony is a medium length stem (measurement approximate).



A bunch of our Boudoir peonies, with complimentary gift wrapping, make the ultimate springtime gift. Please note, if you order a vase alongside your peonies, it will be wrapped separately.

For deliveries outside London, bunches of 30 and 40 stems of peonies will be packaged in two separate bunches, and delivered in one same box.

Please note that flowers are not delivered with a vase and that the candle is not included. Discover our collection of <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\">home accessories to browse our signature vases and home fragrances.

Celebrate spring with our <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\">Peony Subscription, available for a limited time.


Your FLOWERBX delivery comes directly from the grower and is sourced to order, meaning they are the freshest flowers available.To enjoy your flowers for longer, follow these simple steps:

• Remove any foliage that would be below the waterline to avoid contaminating the water

• Re-cut the stems at a 45° angle to encourage maximum water absorption

• Place the stems in a clean vase with freshly-drawn, lukewarm water as soon as possible

• Ensure the flowers are positioned outof direct sunlight, away from drafts or heating and avoid extreme temperatures

• Change the water regularly to keep the flowers happy and healthy.

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