Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Christmas Wreaths and Garlands
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When should a Christmas wreath be hung on a door?

The most popular date for a Christmas wreath to be hung on the door is December 1st. Others decide to hang their wreath on the front door on a date to coincide with putting up their tree and the rest of their festive decor, which is often the first or second weekend in December. You can choose to get started early by hanging one of our seasonless wreaths or Autumn Wreath on your door in the fall.

How should I care for my Christmas Wreath, Garland, or Centrepiece?

At FLOWERBX, our collection of Christmas Wreaths, Garlands and Centrepieces are handcrafted by our team with only the freshest, naturally sourced foliage, and are always made to order. To care for your product you just need to:
• Mist your wreath or garland weekly with cool water.
• Keep your wreath or garland away from warm radiators.
• Wreaths are best hung by the small hook located at the back of the wreath. This can be attached to a door knocker with a ribbon or easily hooked onto a nail.
All of our real Christmas wreaths are natural products which should be expected to dry within two weeks - Visit our Wreaths Styling page for more tips.

When should i start putting up Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations should be put up on the first day of Advent, according to tradition and Christian belief. This year, the first day of Advent - which is always the fourth Sunday before Christmas - falls on Sunday 27th November 2022. Get ahead by pre-ordering your Christmas must-haves now with FLOWERBX.

Which flowers are best for Christmas decorations

The flowers that are best for Christmas decorations are seasonal and freshly cut in a range of festive shades. The most popular choices include:
Red roses
Christmas foliage and branches

Should my Christmas wreath and garland match?

Your Christmas wreath and garland can match or contrast, it is up to you. If you would like to style your wreath and garland to match, we offer a range of designs that are available in both pieces of festive decor. Alternatively, you can shop one of our curated Christmas Shop The Look styling kits or table sets to create the perfect Holiday setting.

What is the most traditional Christmas decoration?

The most traditional Christmas decorations include Christmas Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Garlands and Christmas Centrepieces, Christmas trees, miniature Christmas trees, pine cone wreaths, Christmas tree ornaments baubles, bells, reindeer, candles, candy canes, stockings, snow globes, and angels.

What are basic and essential Christmas decorations?

Basic and essential Christmas decorations are the ones that your home would not feel festive without. These include; a Christmas tree, Christmas wreath, Christmas garlands, Christmas centrepieces, Christmas table sets, and miniature Christmas trees. At FLOWERBX, our full Christmas collection can be pre-ordered ahead of your celebrations, or shopped with standard, next-day, or same-day delivery options. Our Christmas trees are home-grown in Surrey, and are available for London delivery.