Christmas Wreaths

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Where do you hang a Christmas wreath on the front door?

When choosing where to hang a Christmas wreath on your front door, you have a few options. The most popular of these is to hang your wreath centrally on the top half of your door. This will help draw your eye to the wreath with ease and ensure a symmetrical look.

What is the meaning of Christmas wreaths?

The meaning of Christmas wreaths comes from Christian traditions. Christmas wreaths represent everlasting life, eternity, and growth. Christmas wreaths are long-standing symbols of celebration and victory, hung by Romans to signify their status in society during the festivities. Traditionally, a wreath is an assortment of leaves, twigs, flowers, and fruit in the shape of a circle. The word wreath itself comes from the word “writhen” translating from old English as “to twist”, and has come to represent the changes in nature in both the Christmas season and throughout the year.

Where do you hang Christmas wreaths indoors?

Hanging a Christmas wreath indoors can add colour, texture, and scent anywhere from above your mantlepiece, to a feature wall, or chimney breast. A Christmas wreath can also be used as a centrepiece for your festive dining table, teamed with seasonal flowers and candles.

How high should I hang a wreath?

When hanging a Christmas wreath, you should display it high enough to be in line with your eye level, whether that be on a door or inside the home. If choosing to display a wreath on a signature wall or above a fireplace, you should ensure that your wreath is large enough to hang centrally to fill the space.

How do I attach a wreath to a door?

Hanging a Christmas wreath on your front door is simple, and can be done so with either a small nail or an over-the-door hook or ribbon. Alternatively, you can hang your wreath from a door knob or knocker by tying it on with a piece of satin or velvet ribbon in a bow.

What flowers and plants should be in a Christmas wreath

The flowers and plants that should be used in a Christmas wreath are those that are in season and evocative of the festive period. This may include eucalyptus, fir foliage, ilex berries, hypericum, Italian Ruscus, hard Ruscus, pine cones, and dried citrus.

Which is better - an artificial wreath or a real wreath?

At FLOWERBX, we believe that a real wreath is always better. This is because they capture the spirit of the season - through texture, scent, colour, and touch - in a way that an artificial wreath is unable to. Choosing a real Christmas wreath allows you to celebrate nature, as they are made with foliage that is in season and at its best during the festive period.

Can you reuse a wreath every year?

When cared for correctly, real wreaths can be stored and may be able to be reused again every year. To ensure that your wreath stays looking its best:
1. Keep away from heat and light sources, as well as extreme weather and moisture.
2. Do not water, but lightly dust leaves if necessary.
3. When not in use, store your wreath in a secure, watertight box in a cool and dry place.