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50 Stems in a Medium Curve Windsor Vase 3 Colours
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What do narcissus flowers symbolise?

Narcissi flowers symbolise creativity, inspiration, forgiveness, and vitality. Because of their cheery disposition, flowers from the narcissus family are often gifted to share cheer and happiness in the earlier moments of the year.

Are daffodils and narcissus the same?

Yes, daffodils and narcissi are the same. There is often confusion between the two names; however daffodil is the common name given to all flowers within the Narcissus genus. Their names are often used interchangeably.

What type of vase is best for Narcissus flowers?

Narcissus can be displayed in various styles of vases, making them a versatile cut flower choice. Stems can be cut short and celebrated for their singular beauty in Bailey bud vases or bunched together at full length for maximum joy in any of our larger vase styles. At full height, narcissus stems are around 35cm tall, and would sit perfectly in our 19cm Royal Windsor vase. You can explore our full range of vases here.

How long do cut Narcissus flowers last?

Narcissus flowers can last up to 10 days in a vase, and there are some top tips for helping extend their vase life. These include removing all foliage that would sit below the waterline, refreshing water regularly but keeping it shallow, and avoiding mixing them with other floral varieties.

What do narcissus flowers smell like?

Narcissus have a scent reminiscent of springtime, and are often described as rich, green, and heady. Different varieties celebrate their own unique aromas, and can also be spicy, musky or with notes of vanilla.

How did narcissus flowers get their name?

The name narcissus derives from the Greek word “narke,” meaning numbness or stupor. Some attribute the naming of the narcissus to its ‘narcotic’ fragrance; we attribute them as a beautiful signifier of spring.

Luxury narcissus delivery

Order narcissus flowers online with FLOWERBX for delivery across the UK. We make it simple and convenient to order flowers online and have them delivered to your home or theirs with complimentary standard delivery and gift wrap included. Need flowers faster? Explore nationwide next day shipping or same day delivery to London postcodes.