Pink Rose Potted Plant

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  • Brings floral beauty outdoors or in
  • Thrives in ample sunlight
  • Enjoy for years to come
  • Delivered in a signature FLOWERBX terracotta pot
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

The timeless rose is now available as a potted flowering plant to brighten your home or garden space. Presented in a terracotta pot, this potted delight makes the perfect gift to a loved one and thrives for up to three weeks when given plenty of sunlight, re-blooming just as impressive the following year.


Rose and pot height: Approx 30cm

Pot Dimensions:
Width: 16cm
Height: 15cm 


Please note, your potted rose may arrive at a different stage stage of growth but will flourish when cared for correctly.


The potted rose will thrive when placed outdoors or on a terrace in an area with good airflow.

Potted roses love sunshine and should be in a position that receives sun for at least half of the day to encourage the most luscious flowers.

Potted roses should be kept evenly moist throughout the growing season and require frequent watering.

In temperate conditions, water deeply once a week, increasing this as the weather gets warmer. Water at the base of the plant to avoid damaging the delicate flowers.

During the fall is the best time to start winterising your potted roses by placing them indoors in a cool space, then in the spring they can be moved back outdoors