Peace Lily Plant

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  • Symbolises peace and tranquillity
  • A wellbeing-booster
  • Air purifying qualities
  • Delivered in a signature FLOWERBX pot
  • Complimentary gift wrapping

The FLOWERBX Peace Lily plant from our Wellness Plant Collection is an elegant green houseplant with delicate white flowers which contrast beautifully with its glossy leaves.

Implying peace and tranquility, the Peace Lily is also known to clear the air of pollutants including ammonia.

The Small Peace Lily Plant has a height of 60cm.


Plant and pot: H: 60cm approx.

Pot Size: W. (top) 22cm. H. 20cm


The Peace Lily is an indoor plant and can manage in most light conditions and will flower more easily in a lighter spot. It's best however to avoid the mid-day sun. It's important not to over water, and only water when the top soil is dry. Peace Lilies, being a tropical plant, also enjoy high humidity, and also enjoy their leaves being misted.