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Roses and Vase Gift Set - Pink Mondial Roses, Royal Windsor Vase, Sea Salt Truffles

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What flowers should I buy for someone who loves flowers?

The flowers you should buy for someone that loves flowers are whatever is in season at the time and you know they will love. Some ideas are:
Gerbera Daisy

What flowers are are easiest to care for?

The flowers that are the easiest to care for include chrysanthemums, zinnias, carnations, gerbera daisies, orchids, and alliums, due to their resilience and long vase life span.

What should I buy for someone who loves flowers?

For someone that loves flowers, you can buy:
A FLOWERBX flower subscription, for fresh, seasonal flowers on repeat.
A bouquet or bunch of seasonal flowers.
A FLOWERBX Flower Subscription Gift Card.
A book about flowers.
FLOWERBX Floral Scissors.
A vase to fill with flowers.
A bunch of fragrant festive foliage.
A floral plant, like our Mini Orchid planter.
A floral-scented candle or room spray.
Gardening tools, including the FLOWERBX Gardening Set.

What is a good indoor plant to gift

Choosing a good indoor plant to gift depends on factors including space and style. Some great house plant options for gifting include Boston ferns, peace lily plants, rubber plants, ivy plants, aloe vera plants, cheese plants, fiddle leaf fig, areca palm, paradise strelitzia, philodendron and potted orchids. Remember to check that plants are allergy and pet-friendly before gifting when applicable.

What can I get them instead of more plants?

Instead of more plants, you can choose to send them flowers! Here are some reasons why:
Flowers celebrate seasonality and support trusted growers.
Flowers can bring a touch of the outdoors into your home.
Flowers are bright, mood-boosting, and joyous.
Flowers can be scented and bring beautiful fragrance into your home.
Flowers make the perfect gift by conveying an emotional connection.

How much should I spend on plants for a gift

You can spend however much your budget allows when buying a plant as a gift. At FLOWERBX, we have a range of plants to suit any price point, starting at £35.