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How do I make my house smell nice?

The best way to make your house smell nice is by choosing a fragrance to fill your space. At FLOWERBX we offer a range of scents that do just that. Our scented candles are hand-crafted in Grasse, and offer over 50 hours of burning time, while our room sprays come in a range of fragrances including Muguet and Eucalyptus.

Why can't I smell scented candles?

There are a few reasons you may not be able to smell your scented candle:
1. You may have got used to the scent, often called ‘olfactory fatigue’. This is when we can no longer smell fragrances we are exposed to regularly. Choosing a fresh fragrance from the FLOWERBX collection is a great way to add a new scent to your surroundings.
2. Scented candles can weaken in fragrance when not in use. Store them with a lid on and keep them away from heat and light.
3. Keep your candle size and room size in mind. For a larger space, you may require a bigger candle, or more of them. The wider the candle, the stronger its aroma.
4. Scent degradation can cause candles to lose their scent, although it happens over a gradual period of around 1 year. Candles of high quality wax and oils will last longer - like those found at FLOWERBX.

How many scented candles do I need for a room?

The number of scented candles you need for a room depends on size and strength. As a rule, you should use no more than 1-3 candles in a room at any one time, as too many candles can harm the air quality. A good quality candle will take an hour or two for its scent to fully diffuse within a room.

Where should I put scented candles in my home?

The best places to put a scented candle in your home include your bathroom, home office desk, dining table, kitchen island, and coffee table. Fragrance experts also recommend placing an unlit candle close to home furnishings like curtains, as they absorb fragrance. But remember, never light a candle near soft furnishings and never leave a flame unattended.

How long do room sprays last?

When spritzed into the air, a good quality room spray can last for around 1-3 days. There are ways of increasing this, like spraying your room fragrance directly onto fabric or bedding. When you do so, the aroma of your room spray can last up to a few weeks.

What is the difference between room spray and perfume?

The difference between room spray and perfume is that each is designed to work for a specific purpose. Perfume is formulated in a way which allows it to add longer-lasting fragrance to skin, often smelling different across individuals. The weight of room spray is lighter, designed specifically to hang in the air and diffuse across a space. Due to the nature and desired outcome of perfume, fragranced oils are used in a higher concentration for less product to be applied each time.

What is the best smelling room spray?

The best smelling room spray is one with a multi-layered scent that diffuses well over time and lasts. At FLOWERBX, our room sprays offer long-lasting scent in fragrances including Muguet, Peony, and Tuberose. Each is evocative of a favourite flower, made with natural oils at the Laboratoire Monique Remy.

Which candles and sprays smell like Christmas?

The candles and sprays that smell like Christmas are those that draw upon the aromas of the Holidays, including the FLOWERBX Eucalyptus candle. With top notes of citrus, eucalyptus, and black pepper - plus, hand-crafted with natural oils in Grasse - each candle offers over 50 hours of burning time, so you can embrace the scent all festive season.