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Bailey Bud Vase Set
Royal Windsor Vase
Straight  Windsor Vase
Small Apothecary Vase
Medium Apothecary Vase
Large Apothecary Vase
Wide Apothecary Vase
12cm Glazed White Fluted Vase
Petit Mayfair Blanc Vase
Small Mayfair Blanc Vase
Medium Mayfair Blanc Vase
Large Mayfair Blanc Vase
Petit Mayfair Stone Vase
Small Mayfair Stone Vase
Medium Mayfair Stone Vase
Petit Mayfair Onyx Vase
Small Mayfair Onyx Vase
Medium Mayfair Onyx Vase
Large Mayfair Onyx Vase
Small Ridged Mayfair White Vase
Medium Ridged Mayfair White Vase
Small Curve Windsor Vase
Wickstead Pot
Short Wickstead Vase
Tall Wickstead Vase
Terracotta Rosa Pot - 16cm

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Glazed Peacock Pot - 21cm

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Glazed Emerald Pot - 21cm

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What types of vases are best for different types of flowers?

- Tall vases or cylinder vases are best for flowers with long stems, such as sunflowers, delphiniums, snapdragons, and calla lilies.
- Wide vases are best for flowers with large floral heads or bigger, blousy stems, such as hydrangeas, peonies, and roses.
- Smaller vases work well for more delicate flowers or those in larger stem counts, such as tulips, freesias, and lisianthus – plus many more!
- Bud vases work well for dainty varieties, from 1-3 stems per vase.

Can a vase be too large or small for a flower arrangement?

Yes! A vase can be too large or small for a flower arrangement or stem count, which is why it is so important to match your flowers with the right vase. If a vase is too small, your flowers will become too tight in their arrangement, restricting their water intake and ability to thrive. Should a vase be too large, your arrangement will appear sparse and the flowers won't look their best.

How do you choose the right vase for a particular occasion or event?

Choosing the right vase for an occasion or event is largely dependent on the style of flowers you're using, and the kind of display you want to create. If working on a tablescape, we recommend using low-level vases such as our Bailey bud vases.

How do you properly arrange flowers in a vase?

To arrange your flowers in a symmetrical spiral formation, start with a single stem in hand, then carefully overlap with another stem and turn. Continue to work in this motion until you have created a perfect spiral shape. Gently place your arranged flowers in the correct-sized vase. For bud vase arrangements, create height, layers, and texture by keeping stems at different lengths, with 1-3 flowers per bud vase.

How often should I change the flowers in my vase?

Depending on your chosen variety, fresh flowers from FLOWERBX will last longer in your home than those from any local florist or supermarket, as they are sent directly from their growers to us. To keep your flowers looking their best for as long as possible, be sure to change their water every 1-2 days and keep them topped up with FLOWERBX Flower Food.

Do FLOWERBX flowers come with a vase?

Unless stated otherwise when sold as part of a vase set, FLOWERBX flowers do not come with a vase.