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Tulip and Vase Set - Siren Pink Double Tulips, Royal Windsor Vase, & Sea Salt Chocolates

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50 Red Naomi Roses in a Medium Apothecary Vase - Vase is an optional add on

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Roses and Vase Gift Set - Red Naomi Roses, Royal Windsor Vase, Sea Salt Truffles

From $130.00

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Can you give a vase as a Christmas gift

Yes! A vase makes a perfect Christmas gift as one that brings long-lasting joy throughout the seasons. At FLOWERBX, our vase collection includes something for every flower stem count, shape and size, from towering and tall to petite and short. Want to make it an extra special gift? Why not upgrade to a vase set - coordinated with our best-selling seasonal flowers - or add a candle or room fragrance.

How do you present flowers in a vase?

To present flowers in a vase, here are some tips:
Start with a vase of cool, clean water.
Cut your FLOWERBX stems at a 45-degree angle.
Arrange in a spiral, or by crisscrossing your stems.
Present to your recipient! Or add a ribbon or gift bag for something extra.
Give them some FLOWERBX Flower Food to help them keep their flowers looking their best.

How do I give flowers as a Christmas gift

To give flowers as a Christmas gift, you can deliver them by hand, or choose one of our standard or express delivery options. Should you be delivering your flowers yourself, you can opt to pair them with one of our vases and prepare them yourself. If you are having them delivered within London, our team will arrange your bunch in a vase for you. You can also choose to team your stems with a signature FLOWERBX candle or room spray to make it the perfect Christmas present.

Can you get flowers delivered in a vase?

At FLOWERBX, London-based customers can have their flowers delivered in a vase. Our team of expert florists will hand-arrange your stems, and they will be delivered by one of our planet-friendly electric delivery vans to all London postcodes. For nationwide deliveries, your flowers and vase will be delivered separately to ensure they are not damaged during the courier shipping process. Your flowers and vase may be delivered in two separate packages.

Can you put Christmas lights in a vase?

Yes, you can put Christmas lights in a vase. Mini LED battery-powered or solar-powered lights work best for this and are perfect for floral arrangements or alone as a finishing touch for events or parties. They can be displayed in floor-standing vases or as part of a table arrangement. If there is water in your vase or a risk of your vase getting wet, always make sure your lights are waterproof.